LINX Gaia Black Vaporizer
LINX Gaia Black Vaporizer
LINX Gaia Silver Vaporizer Kit
LINX Gaia Vaporizer
LINX Gaia Black Vaporizer
LINX Gaia Black Vaporizer
LINX Gaia Black Vaporizer kit
LINX Gaia Gold Vaporizer Kit
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Why buy from us?
  • Quartz heating chamber
  • Hybrid heating for instant vapor
  • Super compact design at only 80mmx50mm
  • FREE shipping on orders over £50
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  • Certified Retailer
  • Gaia USB Charger | Linx A prefect replacement charger for the Linx Gaia Unit. Simply use the charger to charge your linx Gaia Unit. The Gaia Lithium ion battery can be full charged within 3-4 hours via USB charger 2200 mAH. How to Charge Linx Gaia? To detach the charger...
    Gaia USB Charger | Linx
    Gaia USB Charger | ...
  • Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution (30ml) The perfect size bottle of vaporizer and accessory cleaning solution, our special cleaner formula is easily applied via the convenient spray bottle.  Included: 1 x Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution 30ml Spray Bottle
    Grizzly Originals Cleaning Solution
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LINX Gaia Vaporizer

The Gaia is a snazzy little dry herb vaporizer from Linx Vapor that does a great job in a really nice compact package. The quartz glass chamber keeps the flavor of your herbs on point and means you know it is always going give you juicy and succulent vapor. The all quartz in the build materials of the vape are the real hero here.

Linx Gaia Vaporizer - The Real Hero

Technical Information

Material Dried Herb
Finish Anodized Aluminium
Heat Time 20 Seconds
Temperature Settings 5 Levels
Charge Time 2+ Hours
Dimensions 5cm x 2.4cm x 8cm
Oven Volume 0.25 grams

Heating and Temperature

The combination of conduction and convection heating means that you get almost instant heating and great flavor. This also offers an efficient use of material. This really makes it the best of both worlds. The mouthpiece is made of glass which feels nice as well as keeping heat from transferring through from the main chamber when you vape. What's more, the quartz chamber and mouthpiece instill an amazing and unique flavor to the vapor you're drawing form.

Design and Features

Linx Gaia Vaporizer Design

The outer shell of the vape is a simple, box-mod like design. This allows the vape to be a lot more intuitive, even if it does remove a lot of its stealth. All that extra size in the body though does help to deliver some extra power. Overall it's got a slick, modern feel to it and you'll enjoy using it as you feel the machines metal of the body in your hand. We've already talked about the sheer amount of quarts used in the build of the chamber and the mouthpiece, and this helps to add a great flavor to your vape. For a very long time, the Linx Gaia was the only one who had this flavor.

Linx Gaia Vaporizer Features

You'll never be short of information as the OLED screen displays your temperature settings and battery levels so you always know what is going on with the device. Beneath the screen are a pair of adjustment buttons which allow you to fine tune the temperature of your vape to make sure that it is exactly how you like it. Built into the base is a magnetically located stirring tool which is there to allow you to stir your bowl half way through a session which Linx Vapor recommend for optimal vaporization.

Video Review

Namaste Kory reviews the LINX GAIA

Verdict  - Score 9.0/10.0

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Linx Gaia, with all quartz heating chamber.
  • 1 x Linx Gaia Mouthpiece Cap.
  • 1 x Steel Tool.
  • 1 x Cleaning brush.
  • 1 x Linx 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB Charger (Use micro USB connector to charge Gaia).

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