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In the more recent years handheld vaporizer designs have become increasingly more creative and stealthy as well as aesthetically pleasing making them satisfying to hold and use. Thanks to these innovations, Portable Vaporizers are on the rise. For industry leaders in design and performance; credit has to be given to PAX Labs for the PAX 3 as well as to DaVinci for their latest MIQRO - they are consistently proving that you can have sleek style as well as a great performing portable vape in your pocket, bag or purse.

Types of Vaporizers

Choosing the right vaporizer is a very important decision, do you want a portable, desktop, concentrate or a dry herb vape? There are many options for you to choose from, we are here to help make that decision easier. Each and every vape has it's own special features., which means there is a vaporizer to suit everyone. We offer discreet billing and plain packaging on shipping for all orders, and all of our vaporizers ship from our offices in Kent. We're also very happy to offer our customers free local shipping on orders over £50 - you deserve it!

Vaporizers are rapidly becoming the most popular method of enjoying herb and the sheer speed at which the UK vaporizer scene has grown is testament to the sheer quality and advantages of vaporizers. Join the revolution and find out just why portable vapes and desktop vapes are becoming the new normal for enjoying dry herb blends across the UK. See below for a gigantic range of high quality models at fantastic prices that won’t let you down.