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710 is coming up fast guys. The momentum is here, the time is coming, we've got butterflies in our bellies and this special holiday season we plan on celebrating 710 like never before! 710 is all about breaking out your rigs, concentrate vaporizers, vaporizer Pens or whatever it is that you use to enjoy the finest oils and waxes. This year NamasteVapes is proud to present a selection of some of the finest concentrate Vapes and E-Nails for 710 Day. 

710 Day - A History

420 has become the international number for stoners, with people blowing up their newsfeeds on the 20th of April every year with as many memes they can get their hands on, but there’s another sacred number out there for people who take their hits to the next level. 710 is the holiday number dedicated to dabbing and concentrates, with the 10th of July being the hallmarked event. Why 710 you might ask? Well, when flipped upside down, 710 spells out the word OIL, which is a common kind of concentrate. A great joke, but it’s also important to give 710 a day because the more the word gets out about this fantastic smoking method the more likely it is to get legalized someday soon. 710 is still pretty much just stoner lingo, but with each passing year, more and more people get wise to the craze and switch up their smoking life to concentrates. 

710- What is Dabbing?

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about dabs or concentrates and everything that goes into that great experience, so we’re just going to give you a little reminder, but you should definitely check out our other articles if you don’t already know everything there is to know about dabbing.

Concentrates are the filtered cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, which are removed from the Dry Herbs as a strong, golden, waxy resin that looks something like honey. The most popular method for getting yourself a dab is to press butane into the herbs, which’ll draw out their THC and other cannabinoids into a flammable liquid.  Another, safer, method used is via a Rosin Press method which uses a machine to apply heat and pressure safely so that all of the dabs are literally pushed from the herbs.

If you’re going to start dabbing, you’re going to need the concentrate vape or vape pen you can afford. 

The Importance of 710

It’s mind boggling just how many advancements marijuana has made in the few years that the movement has really gained momentum, and the dabbing craze is one of those advancements that need attention.

You see, Dabbing isn’t just good because it’s more efficient with your herb, it’s also quite a bit healthier and no where near as harsh on your lungs as combusted dry herbs. It’s much healthier than traditional smoking because the dabs/oils vaporize fast when they hit the heated nail, giving you a smoother hit. That said, it is also VERY efficient with your herbs, and if you get into dabbing, you will get a lot higher for less cash in the long run. See, when you press out everything but the cannabinoids, what you’re left with is a product that is maybe one-quarter the size of the amount of herbs you started with, but each piece of dab is 8 times stronger than how it started out, so you really are getting more bang for your buck.

So you see, with all of these advancements, getting us dabber enthusiasts a holiday is the perfect way that we can bring dabbing to people’s attentions around the world. The sooner people get informed, the sooner people stop being wrong about everything marijuana and dabbing related, the sooner this great oil can be legalized world-wide.

Celebrate 710 with NamasteVape UK!

There’s a very good chance 710 started out as just a joke or a funny observation that just caught on. No one’s really sure of where it came from. It’s not really internationally recognized and it definitely doesn’t have a spiritual connection, but we can do is give it meaning by shouting its existence to the high heavens. This July 10th, make sure you’re supporting the dabbing scene by breaking out a good, thick piece of oil and fire it up your finest concentrate vaporizer or dab rig and let everyone know you’re a proud dabber.

710 Oil Day Sale Namastevapes UK

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