2018 Best Selling Vaporizers

It's been a wonderful year for the vape community, with some amazing vaporizers coming out and making their debut as well as some oldie but goldies maintaining top spots. As the year winds down to a close and we all stock up on seasonal treats to enjoy together, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on what have been the best vapes of 2017 and what will be the best vapes in 2018.

Completely chosen by you, these vapes have shown they're more than just fan favourites but absolute staples within the vaping world. Whether they're portable pieces of perfection, decadent desktops, or even a couple of precision pens, they've proven themselves in a year where new and amazing devices were coming out on a near weekly basis! 

First Place

Shocking nobody at the top of the list is the PAX 3. Technically a vape from last year, everyone expected it to dominate the top-shelf vaping world in 2017 and dominate it did! With a stylish outer shell and full functionality, it appealed to those who enjoy dual capabilities and discretion. Customize it with the app and create your perfect experience!

Second Place

Coming up in second is the smartest vaporizer any of us have ever seen, the DaVinci IQ. The IQ has been applauded by many and with good reason, the Smart Path technology within this vape has changed the game forever! Luckily even with all this intelligent design it is simple and enjoyable to use, requiring almost no learning curve! Discover smarter vaping in the new year.

Third Place

In third is a vaporizer we all know and love, Storz & Bickel's portable Mighty. While not being the smallest or slimmest of these vaporizers, it definitely packs the strongest punch! With all the power of it's older brother the Volcano, this piece will leave you wanting more, and more, and more! A powerful fan and top quality materials help bring together this amazing vaping experience.

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