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Haze Dual V3 vs Pax 2 Comparison - Is the Haze Better?

Posted on Jun 14, 2016

Hi guys! Hope everyone's doing great and thanks for checking out the Namaste Vapes blog post! Today we're going to be talking about our Top 2 portable vaporizers - the Pax 2 and the Haze Dual V3 - both great units, but also very different!

The Pax 2

The Pax 2 is the newest and latest from Paxlabs - they first developed the Pax 1 which is probably the best selling portable vape in history, and have now launched the Pax 2 which is lighter, smaller and even sexier than Pax. The Pax 2 we say is the Apple of vapes. Everything about it from the packaging to the unit and even the operation is smooth and sleek. The Pax 2 is a conduction vaporizer which offers good flavor and good vapor production but for the price, is not the best performing vaporizer on the market. That being said, Pax 2 is still the best selling portable, being closely followed by the Haze V3.

I think at this point the first thing I'd like to point out as a difference between these two units is that the Pax 2 only works with dry herbs. So it will not work with waxes, oils, concentrates, e-juices etc. It works well, but only for dry herbs.

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The Haze Dual V3

The Haze Dual V3 has got it all going on! The Haze was the first vaporizer to hit the market that offered two chambers. The chambers can be packed in advanced and controlled independently based off the position of the mouthpiece door. Additionally, the Haze Dual V3 is compatible with dry herbs as well as waxes, oils and liquids. The Haze V3 comes with two types of screens for dry herbs - convection and conduction. The convection screens are setup so that your material does not come in contact with the heating element of the chamber. This will result in a more flavorful but less dense vapor. The conduction screens come in direct contact with the heating element and will produce more vapor but with a more robust 'toasted' flavor. The unit also comes with 'concentrate cans' - these can be used for liquids (with the supplied cotton wicks) or with waxes and oils directly in the cans. The can lids are made from high temperature, food grade silicone to avoid spillage. If this wasn't enough for one little vape, it also comes with a stainless steel and all-glass options for its mouthpieces.

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The Vaporizer Comparison

Pax 2 VaporizerIn comparing the two units (in this case only for dry herbs) I would say that the flavor is better on the Haze Dual V3, especial when used with the glass mouthpiece, but the vapor production was better with the Pax 2

One great thing about the Haze that I like better than the Pax 2 is the small chamber size. Its unfortunate that since the chamber on the Pax 2 is huge, and that you need to fully pack it in order for the unit to work properly, that its not really efficient when it comes to use with your herbs. When you load up the Pax 2 you should be ready for a full session. 

When push comes to shove in comparing these two units it really is a matter of function versus fashion. The Pax is super sexy and slick. The Pax 2 works well and I would say is a 'luxury' vaporizer at a higher price point. The Haze Dual V3 offers amazing value for a good quality unit that offers good vapor production, great taste and all the options for vaping other materials, not just dry herbs. 

So if you're after something only for dry herbs, something sleek and sexy and cash-flow is no problem then you're most likely to go after the Pax 2.

If you're an enthusiast and you like to use concentrates and like a nice portable unit that is still very sexy but more functional, I would highly recommend the Haze Dual V3

We're excited to see new product launches as well from Haze Technologies. At the last Champs show in Vegas we had the chance to speak with Haze management who showed us a prototype of the Haze Cube which will be a quad-bolw vape and something I'm very much looking forward to testing! So watch the review yourself below and don't forget to thumbs up, like and share!

Thanks for tuning in guys we appreciate your support!

Peace an Blessings


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