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Vaporizer Reviews

Guru by Grizzly Originals vs Mighty by Storz & Bickel

Posted on Jun 14, 2016

Hi guys, got kind of an interesting comparison review today! We're going to putting up the Guru which is a new vaporizer soon to be available along side the biggest, baddest portable vape out there - the Mighty (by Storz and Bickel). 

The Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty and it's smaller counterpart the Crafty are made by the same company that makes the infamous Volcano vaporizer as well as the Plenty. The company is well known for quality and performance. The Mighty is arguably the best vapor producer across the full range of portable vapes. The Mighty uses a combination of conduction and convection heating and is extremely efficient. The Mighty will provide reliable, consistently thick vapor regardless of your draw speed or how much herb you put in the chamber. The Mighty has been my personal top choice for portable vapes. I prefer this to the Crafty as well because of the extended battery life of the Mighty and the fact that you can adjust the unit's temperature without having to get out your phone and log in to an app. The Mighty can also be used with oils and concentrates by utilizing the 'Concentrate Pads' provided. 

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The Guru Vaporizer

Guru VaporizerWe're going to be doing a review today to compare the Mighty to the Guru Vape. The Guru has been in development for nearly 2 years and is being manufactured and distributed by Grizzly Originals, based in Canada. The Guru claims to be an all-in-one vaporizer which is compatible with dry herbs, waxes/oils/concentrates and e-liquids, all in one unit. The Guru has a main base unit with an OLED display and digital controls. The setup is modular, so you can connect the base unit to either a dry herb chamber or a 510 thread adapter which you can then use with either of the supplied atomizer tanks (wax or liquid) - The Guru is smart and detects which unit is connected. When the dry herb chamber is connected it will display and allow you to adjust the temperature (in F or C), when the 510 thread adapter is connected then you can adjust the coil voltage of the atomizer. So what it does, it does well.

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Dery Herb Comparison

Today since we're comparing this with the mighty we can really only compare the units in fairness for use with dry herbs. 

Chamber Size

The chamber size of the Guru is substantially larger than the Mighty. With both units, for best performance we recommend a full pack of the chamber. 


We were amazed to see the amount of vapor being produced by the Guru which comes very close to if not at the same level as the /collections/storz-and-bickel-vaporizers

Vape Conclusion

We enjoyed using both units. I found the flavor to be better with the Guru and vapor production only slightly better with the Mighty. 

The Guru's chamber session though may not last as long as the chamber is narrow and deep, which means its very efficient in distributing heat throughout the herbs. The Guru works hard and fast.

One advantage of the Guru over the Mighty as well is the heat up time. The Guru will heat up in 30-40 second while the Mighty takes several minutes.

For me, the most important thing is flavor. I've always been a fan of ceramic chambers and Glass vapor pathways, so the Guru really hits the nail on the head for me. This and the fact that I can use it with any of my concentrates oils or liquids as well which is great. The best part of it I think though is really the price. The Mighty retails online for approximately $400 USD and the Guru sells just under $200 USD. So substantial difference in price, for a unit that compares (IMHO) with the Mighty in terms of performance. 

Watch the comparison review and judge for yourself!

Peace and Blessings


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