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Firefly 2 Vaporizer Re- Review

Posted on May 01, 2016

Hi guys, I wanted to do another post today to talk a little more about the Firefly 2 having had more time to use it. I've been really enjoying the unit I find the best part of it being that the size of the bowl is so small that it only needs a 0.10-.20 g filling and still get 5-7 good draws off the one packing. The flavor as well is a key benefit for me. I think that the change over from the stainless steel vapor pathway (Firefly 1) to the Borosilicate pathway improves the flavor even more than the original unit. One thing I did like on the original about the stainless steel pathway though, was that it provided better cooling for the incoming vapor.

Firefly 2 Vape what to expect

So here is what I think we're very clear on: Good performance, very efficient, good flavor and good build quality. Some other things that are up for discussion are durability, battery life, variable temperature settings via use of the App and portability.

Picture of Firefly 2 Vaporizer at NamasteVapes UKThe battery life with the Firefly 2 is basically on par or slightly better than the original Firefly Vaporizer. They actually have used the same batteries which are 770mah Li-Ion batteries that are pretty reliable. Whats really nice as well is that they have included two batteries in your Firefly 2 box. Thats a huge advantage and I think great of the company to included! Although the battery charger is external, you can not charge the battery directly on the charger but need to have it in the unit. An external charger that would work with a stand-alone battery I think would be ideal.

The Firefly Concentrate Pads

One thing I also wanted to mention which I absolutely love are these Concentrate Picture of Firefly Concentrate Pads at NamasteVapes UKPads. Concentrate pads are small stainless steel pads that are inserted directly in to the heating chamber and you simply drop your concentrate, waxes or oils on to the top of the pads. When heated the wax will melt in and spread throughout the pad. When the chamber temperature gets high enough you will get blasted with amazing flavor and vapor from your materials. This is a great accessory and is very common and available with other vaporizers like the Crafty, Mighty, Volcano etc. 

The last thing I wanted to discuss and update in terms of the function of the unit is the app that comes available for the Firefly 2 Vape. You can download the app on your iPhone or Android called Firefly Vapor. From here its very simple. The app will connect with your phone via. Bluetooth. Once connected (takes only a couple of seconds) you can look at and adjust settings like the Heat Profile, Battery Life, Button operations and more. The two most important of these settings are the heat profile and the button activity. 

There are various heat profiles available from low to medium-low, medium-hot, hot etc. The highest setting is called Concentrates which of course is for your concentrates, which require higher vaporization temperatures in the Firefly 2 chamber. For Dry herbs I liked the medium-hot setting best. Basically what the profile does is cap the highest possible temperature you can reach. Since the Firefly 2 is a manually heated device, you press and engage the two side buttons on the unit to turn the heater on. If you hold down the heater buttons it will continue to heat and heat. If it were not for the ceiling temperatures which you set you could easily combust your materials otherwise. So for example if you set the Firefly 2's heat profile to Concentrates and forget that you had last set it there, and then try to use it for dry herbs you will have a pretty good chance of combustion. So once point is to be careful to make sure you are using the right heat settings!

Another nifty feature is that you can control the operation of the two buttons on either side of the Firefly 2 that engage the heating mechanism. These are touch-sensing buttons so you only have to brush your finger over them to activate. You can either have both buttons together activate the heater or the left one alone or the right one. I think this is designed to avoid 'accidental' heating in your pocket, purse etc. I've left mine on the default setting that requires both buttons to be engages fully. 


So what do I think about the Firefly 2 now

Overall I'm really enjoying the Firefly 2 - I believe they've made substantial performance and technological advances with this product. The Firefly 2 is definitely on the higher end of portable vaporizers and lives up to the reputation of the original Firefly 1. Right now the Firefly 2 is on news sign up but we're expecting to have stock in the UK by early summer 2016. If you want something to tide you over be sure to check out our Best Vaporizers of the past year.

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