Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

on Apr 23, 2016

Hi guys! Thanks for checking out today's post where we will be discussing a great desktop vaporizers called the Da Buddha, which is made by a company based in the US in Colorado called 7th Floor

Opinions on the Da Buddah Vape

First impressions are that the unit, like its counterpart the Silver Surfer SSV is a well-built and quality unit. The setup is basically the same but the Silver Surfer parts are a little more high end like a glass temperature knob versus a plastic one. The Da Buddha is powered by a ceramic heating element which is covered by a borosillicate glass heater cover. This serves as the air intake and pathway for the air to reach the glass wand filled with your herbs. The wand is filled with material (recommended half way or less) and then inserted in to the end of the heater cover. 

As with many desktop whip-style vaporizers, the vapor density is affected by not only temperature but the speed of your draw. So the slower you inhale, the longer amount of time the air heats over the herbs creating a thicker, denser vapor. If you draw quickly the air will heat less and your vapor would be light and whisky. This in combination with temperature adjustments on the uint make the Da Buddha a great vape allowing for an infinite amount combinations of temperature and draw technique! 

The flavor and vapor density you can achieve with the Da Buddha through whip-style inhalation is truly impressive! Da Buddah Vaporizer This unit is well built and very reliable. The Da Buddha is cheaper than the Silver Surfer but the performance is essentially the same between both. This vaporizer is a great choice for your first desktop unit as it provides awesome performance at a good price and is great quality!

Thanks for checking us out hope you found this information helpful!

Peace and Blessings. 


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