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GrassHopper Vaporizer Review

Posted on Apr 18, 2016

We just received the Grasshopper vaporizer from Hopper Labs! This is one high tech vape! The Grasshopper has been a long anticipate product that has taken years to develop but well worth the wait! Hopper Labs financed production and development of this product through crowd funding online with Indiegogo and there have been lots of eyes on their progress ever since. 

The Grasshopper Vaporizer in Action


My thoughts on the Grass Hopper Vaporizer

The Grasshopper is a true convection vaporizer in a very small package. The Grasshopper vape looks like a high quality pen. Not like a pen in the sense of how an e-cig looks like a pen but it actually looks like and feels like a high end pen! The Grasshopper is very simple to use and heats up with lightning speed. 

The Grass Vape is assembled in the USA and is available in a stainless steel or titanium finish. To use the grasshopper you remove the mouthpiece from the bottom of the pen and load the chamber with ground materials. One great thing about the Grasshopper is that you can load in either a very small amount or a full chamber. This is the benefit of convection heating. Since the hot air extracts the vapor instead of the herbs being heated in a chamber you can use small amounts or full chambers without it affecting the flavor. 

Once you've loaded the Grasshopper you can select a temperature range from the top of the unit by rotating the mechanical dial. To turn the unit on press the button on the top and you will then see red lights near the heating chamber. The unit heats up fully within 5 seconds from room temperature and is ready to vape! You may find that you don't get a lot of visible vapor on the first draw but that first draw will contain all the terpenes and flavor of your materials. Your next draw should produce lots of vapor and then going from there as well you may find that the mouthpiece gets quite hot. The solution for this of course is the use of the silicone sleeves which substantially reduce the amount of heat on your lips.

Grass Hopper Vape Comparison & Conclusion

The Grashopper's vapor production compares with the Mighty and the Crafty, although the vapor itself is quite a bit hotter. But, the fact that this unit heats up so fast and can vape small amounts of material plus the fact that it is so discrete and looks just like a pen really set this vaporizer apart in the industry! 

We plan on stocking the Grasshopper in the future so stay tuned for updates on production and inventory shipping dates!

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