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Will Vaping Make My Teeth Brown?

on Sep 12, 2018

Yellow Teeth

When you made the switch from rolling to vapes you thought things would be different. You wouldn’t have to be as worried about your health because of the lack of carcinogens, for one thing. Maybe you decided to join the ranks of millions of vapers worldwide because it just seemed like there were more options. Dry herb, concentrates, dabbing. So much choice out there.  

Or perhaps you made the switch because you were worried about your appearance? How you’d no longer have to chew endless amounts of gum to keep your breath fresh and your teeth white. Maybe you even thought you wouldn't have to brush as often if you used a vaporizer? But that’s disgusting, keep brushing your teeth, you degenerate!  

As Bad As Smoking? 

Now if you smoke weed in the traditional way you’re at least dimly aware that it’s not doing the old chompers any favours. Smoking can release the same amount of carcinogens which have been known to cause oral cancer as smoking cigarettes does. This is because of the combustion done to the dry herb.

With vaping, however, there is no risk of combustion especially if a convection-centric vaporizer is used. It’s also not nearly as harmful to the inside of your mouth as smoking can be. But it can give you dry mouth, reducing the saliva and if there’s not enough saliva to wash away the bacteria from your gums it can give you bad breath.

Does Vaping Stain Your Teeth Though?

When people smoke either nicotine or cannabis they are creating smoke which cause a build-up of bacteria to eventually stain your teeth. When you vape though it avoids this. Using a vaporizer avoids the combustion process and leaves your teeth free from staining carcinogens. Simple. But while it’s not as bad as smoking it has its own risks.

How to Avoid Tooth Decay

There are few things you can do to make sure that even though you vape weed you’ll still have healthy teeth and gums. First thing is first, you want to keep a good oral hygiene practice. Sounds simple but for so many it seems so hard. Brush and floss your teeth. You could even think about brushing after you’ve vaped. Keep a bottle of water handy while you’re vaping to wash away to avoid dry mouth, wash away the bacteria, and most importantly to stay hydrated.