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Why You Should Buy Your Dad A Vape This Father’s Day

on Jun 14, 2017

 Father's day 

Father’s day is rapidly approaching and if you’re anything like us you’re scrambling for a last minute present for your dad. Figuring out a good present can be a real trial. To help you out of this jam we have performed hours of exhaustive research and figured out exactly what you should get your dad: A vaporizer!

A vaporizer is the perfect gift for a stoner dad or for a father that’s somewhat new to the UK herb scene. Here’s a list of the best reasons to get introduce your dad to the vape scene.



One of the chief advantages of a vaporizer is the fact that they are by far the healthiest way to enjoy herb. The more traditional ways of enjoying herb involve combustion, which releases all manner of tar, toxins, and carcinogens. The beneficial health effects of herb are well known, so why compromise them with combustion?

Vapes work by heating herb and gradually evaporating the active ingredients in it. This means that you can enjoy all of the effects of herb, and the taste, without using combustion at all. There are two main methods of heating inside vaporizers: Conduction and convection.

Conduction is by far the most common method of heating found in vaporizers. Conduction works by heating the herb directly by putting it in contact with the heating element. Not 1000 miles away from how a kitchen hob works. Conduction is the quickest method of heating herb but it does have some downsides, improper use can lead to combustion, totally undermining the healthy effects of your vape.

The second method is convection. Convection uses its heating elements to cause hot air to flow around the chamber of the vaporizer. This gradually builds up the vapor from your herb. There is a very low chance of combustion in this case as the herb never comes into direct contact with the heating element.



Another advantage of a vaporizer is that it is by far the most efficient way to use your herb, every piece of it will be used and none will go up in smoke as it would with combustion. Convection vaporizers are particularly adept at squeezing every last drop out of your herb. The convection takes advantage of the surface area of your herb, drawing the vapor out of it gradually with no wastage. This is why it’s best to grind your herb, to increase the surface area available to the heating elements. This will ensure that you get a consistent, tasty vapor every time.

Of course your herb won’t last forever, and when you begin to notice a burnt popcorn taste you should swap out your herb.



Over time herb naturally releases a certain amount of resin. This can build up and block vital components in your vaporizer such as the air path and mouthpiece. It can also build up in the chamber and create hot spots which can increase the risk of combustion. Worst of all it can ruin the taste of  your hits with a nasty burnt taste. To keep your vaporizer clean all you need to do is get a brush and some cleaning solution and gently wash the chamber and airpath. For stubborn build up simply loosen it with a brush and wipe away!



Another advantage vaporizers have over other forms of enjoying herb is that they can be used to take advantage of the different boiling points of the whole range of active ingredients within herb. Here are the different  active ingredients present in herb and the temperatures they are activated at.

THC - 157 °C.

The most famous herb ingredient. It has both euphoric and analgesic effects, inducing a great sense of relaxation.


CBD :160 - 180 °C

Popular with medical users for its medicinal applications. It counters the effects of THC, effectively preventing feelings of anxiety and paranoia.


Delta-8-THC :175 – 178 °C.

This cannabinoid is very similar to THC, but it is more stable and less psychoactive. It has anti-vomiting properties making it fantastic for medicinal uses.


CBN : 185 °C.

A compound highly associated with a sedative effect.


If you do decide to get your dad a vaporizer get him a portable. Portable vaporizers are efficient, subtle, and portable. They work off of rechargeable batteries, and many give you the option of carrying spares so your vape sessions will remain uninterrupted. Many vaporizers, such as the PAX 3 vaporizerhave a range of advanced features that make it a dream to use and incredibly precise.

For a full range of vaporizers that will make perfect gifts for your father check out our online vape shop. We have some of the finest premium vaporizers in the UK. Check out our curated vaporizers on our featured vaporizer page! Happy father’s day! 

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