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Why the MFLB has stood the test of time

on Aug 12, 2016

MFLB UK VaporizerThe Magic Flight Launch Box. MLFB. The Launch Box. Known by many names, recognised by everyone. The Magic Flight Launch Box has been around for as long as vaporizers were a thing. Acutely sneaking into the market that we were not even aware existed, the MFLB has created a vape dynasty over the last 10 years that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. However, all we have to do is take one quick look through the portable and desktop vaporizers that are on the market today, to realise how fast the vape market is moving in both terms of technology and efficiency. The MFLB is dwarfed in comparison to other portable vapes and is put to one side whenever the desktop vapes are brought to center stage. And yet the Magic Flight remains a constant, loved and sought after vaporizer. How can this piece of wood compete with the mega vapes of today? Simplicity. 

The MFLB has carved out a legacy for itself by providing a simple service in the most efficient way. The popularity of the Magic Flight Launch Box has not diminished over the years, even with the incredible rise of both portable and desktop vapes. The MFLB could be argued as the most portable of all the vapes out there. Another drawing point to the MFLB is how discreet it is. People who are not 'in the know' would glance at the MFLB and not give it a second thought, precisely the way its users would want it.
Another massive draw for the MFLB is the fact that it is manufactured completely from organic materials, no plastics or other materials to potentially disrupt your vapor flavour. The MFLB is a durable piece which will last the user an extremely long time, Magic Flight even offer a lifetime warranty, that's how confident they are in this little bundle of goodness. The Magic Flight, probably more important than all, is extremely accessible for all users. Once you've used the MFLB once, it will become the easiest vape in the world to use, almost like second nature to you. Combine this with the exceptional price for a portable vape, and now we can clearly see how the MFLB has dominated the vaping game over the past 10 years.

Magic Flight Launch Box
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