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What Vaporizers Give The Best Flavour?

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Note that when it comes to vaporizers, it is vital that you know the important factors to look out for. One of the most important parts of a vaporizer is the heating chamber, it is analogous to the engine house of an automobile.

Portable Vaporizers - NamasteVapes UK

Conduction and Convection

Before we lodge into types of vaporizers that give the best flavour, we ought to know some features of vaporizers that enhances the production and delivery of good flavours from the heating chamber. The heating system is an important factor to take into consideration when using a vaporizer, virtually all vaporizers operate on two major heating methods namely; conduction or convection heating methods. These methods of heating materials play a vital role in the delivery of good quality flavours.

Conduction methods allows herbs or concentrates to be heated directly while convection method features an indirect heating of materials by the hot air released from the heating chamber. Both heating methods are advanced and advantageous in their own ways.

In recent times, we are noticing that some vapes now feature both conduction and convection, this is hybrid heating technology. Most of these vapes utilize the conduction method just to preheat the bowl while the convection method takes the rest of the show. The materials incorporated in the air or vapour path is also a factor in the production of quality and tasteful flavours.


Temperature adjustment and control also plays a vital role to good vapor delivery, as a result finding the right temperature is paramount to the flavour you desire. At very low temperature, you will not get a good flavour or big clouds and at high temperature you might burn your materials.

Other Factors

Therefore, you must get it right in order to get the perfect flavour. Other factors that enhance good quality flavour include:

  • Quality of grind
  • Nature of the materials
  • Integrity of the manufacturers.

Now that we know what features to look out for, we have listed some vaporizers that are sure to give you your desired flavours.

Pax 3 

The Pax 3 vaporizer by pax labs is a world class vaporizer that operates on conduction heating methods while having options for vapour therapy and aromatherapy. You will find the Pax 3 at the top of everyone lists,this is not because of its aesthetics but because the pax 3 delivers the best flavours.

Pax 3

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is yet another superb portable vaporizer known for its excellent and consistent delivery of quality flavour. The Firefly 2 features borosilicate glass in its airways and it has 6 preset temperatures which can be controlled using either the smart App or using the touch sensors at the side of the unit. 

Firefly 2 - NamasteVapes UK


The Mighty vaporizer is manufactured in Germany by the legends Storz and Bickel who stand tall when it comes to the quality of their vaporizers flavour. This is due to the high efficiency heat exchange incorporated into its design. The mighty is almost incomparable to any other vaporizer in terms of it's quality, not just in it's manufacturing but also in the flavour  produced. 

Mighty Vaporizer - NamasteVapes UK


The Volcano Digit vaporizer also manufactured by Storz and Bickel, the same producers of the Crafty and Plenty vaporizers. The Volcano is the mother vape as far as quality of flavours is concerned, We are yet to see a unit that delivers such large clouds .The Volcano Digit is one in a million.

Volcano Vaporizer


Final Word

There is an endless list of vapes that produce good quality flavour, which vaporizer you choose is up to you. If you prefer a desktop vaporizer the Volcano is a top choice where as if you are continuously on the go, a portable vaporizer might be a better vaporizer for you. In this case we recommend the Mighty vaporizer, it is the best of both worlds. 

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