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What Even Are E-Nails?

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Dabbing is having somewhat of a coup at the moment, more and more herb veterans and neophytes are trying out dabs for fun. On top of that more and more medicinal users are trying out dabs to enjoy their speed, potency, and to spare themselves from the amount of acrid smoke that a similar amount of dry herb would release.

Concentrates are a type of processed dry herb extract that are many times more potent that an equivalent amount of dry herb. It is created through a process that uses a solvent like butane to push the active ingredients out of the dry herb.

The resulting materials take one of three forms; Oil, Wax, and shatter. Oil is a runny substance and the least potent of the three. Wax is has a sticky gummy consistency, and shatter is the most potent of the three and has a brittle glass-like consistency.

To enjoy a dab you need several pieces of unique equipment; a oil rig water bong, a butane torch, a dabbing tool, and of course a nail. The nail is the part of your dabbing rig that receives the dabbing material for vaporization/ The nail is heated to dabbing temperature with a small butane torch. The flame from the torch is applied until the nail is incredibly hot, at this point the dabbing material is dropped on and the hit is taken.


Of course heating a dabbing nail like this has its downsides; the open flame is dangerous and it can be tricky to apply the heat correctly. Luckily there is an alternative that can offer users a much more streamlined and above all safe experience.

As dabbing has become more and more popular technology has kept pace. The biggest innovation in the field of dabbing is the advent of the e-nail. E-nails work exactly like a regular nail except without the hassle of the butane torch or the danger of the open flame. Electric dabbing nails have a whole host of advantages.

The standard e-nail  totally removes the need for a butane torch. This is because, naturally enough they are electric. E-nails heat up amazingly fast, much quicker than a standard nail and far far more consistently. You can be sure that every time you use an e-nail that it will give you the same results every time without any deviation. This is particularly important for medicinal users, who don’t have much room for error.

Cloud V Vaporizer

Another advantage of e-nails is they are far more portable than their non-electric counterpart, they often come in handy portable pieces rather than the delicate glass of an oil rig! Some models like the Dr Dabber Boost Vaporizer are completely battery powered, the Boost is powered by high quality batteries that help heat its titanium nail to 700 degrees Fahrenheit on only 30 seconds; the perfect dabbing temperature.

The Cloud V portable enail is another sturdy e-nail that is far more portable than any other dabbing rig on the market, electric or traditional. With its ergonomic design, the powerful battery, and lightning fast heat up system the Cloud V is the perfect way to enjoy your dabs in a quick, compact way.

For a more sturdy and sedentary hit you might want to look at the Flowermate iHit. The Flowermate is a high performance vaporizer with several unique features. The Flowermate is a desktop, sturdy unit that will allow the user to enjoy the full power of a vape hit without having to use a torch or naked flame!

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