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What are the Optimal Vaping Temperatures?

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Why Temperature Matters

If you have never given a second thought to vaping temperatures whilst loading up your device, well you’re not alone. Many users don’t realize just how important heat or a lack of can be, but to your health. When the vaporizer is heated correctly it insures that your materials are vaporized efficiently, leading to the best standard of recreational and medicinal benefits.


Ideal Temperature

The ideal temperature of vaporization depends on the desired effects. The perfect temperature for is around 170-200 degrees Celsius, according to Dr. Ian Mitchell from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. In turn, it basically creates a structural change making the ingredients active.

Additionally, Dr. Mitchell in a recent study examined extraction of the materials with different vaporizers and 210 degrees used as a set point. In general this was said to be, “the best balance between efficient vaporization of and the smoothness of the vapor”.

High Vs. Low

Although higher temperatures can be detrimental to health, vaping at a lower temperature, particularly that of below 180 degrees means users will be inhaling a lot of terpenes.

So, the best extraction of dry herb may occur at higher temperatures but lower temperatures are likely healthier for users. Vape lovers and connoisseurs alike should take caution not to vape above 235 degrees. When this occurs the vapor is simply too hot and can start to com-bust basically creating the same toxic components as smoking.

Firefly 2 

Vaping Vaping Temperature

There are basic temperature ranges and guidelines suggested for anyone beginning to vape however there are a few other factors that may affect the ideal vaping temperature. When heating the material the first thing that happens is the boiling off of water. Another thing can be the type of vaporizer that is used, convection style devices like the Volcano or other desktops versions can be more efficient as heat is transferred more directly. Additionally, cheaply made or knock off devices tend to have hotspots which can make it difficult to keep a consistent temperature.


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