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Volcano Digit vs Arizer Extreme Q Comparison Review Namaste vapes

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Volcano Digital Namaste VapesHi guys, thanks for checking out today's post on the Volcano Digit versus the Arizer Extreme Q. Both of these units are high quality and popular desktop vaporizers. Desktop vapes are ones which are plugged in to the wall and are not portable (or battery operated). Some desktop vaporizers work in 'Whip' mode where you have a length of silicone or rubber tubing and a mouthpiece that can be passed around in a group or used solo. Then there are other vaporizers that are used for bag or balloon filling. These vaporizers are called 'Forced Air' vapes and they have a built-in fan which forces the hot air through the herbs, creating the vapor and then inflating a bag. The bag, in the case of the Volcano has a valve on the mouthpiece so it is very convenient for passing around at a party or in a group. The fact that the vapor expands in the bag also cools it a lot, making it smoother and tastier. 

The Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano digit is one of the most famous vaporizers in the world. It's name is synonymous with quality craftsmanship and unprecedented performance. The Volcano is a machine built to do one job and it does it very well. The Volcano has everything going for it, except that it only works with bags! So if you're not in to inflating a big plastic back around your dining room table, this may not be the vape for you! 


The Extreme Q Vaporizer

Extreme Q Vaporizer vs VolcanoThe Extreme Q on the other hand can be used for bag filling. It can also be used with a whip as well. The Extreme Q's Cyclone Bowl is a glass chamber that sits on top of the unit's ceramic heating element. The Extreme Q is also a convection, forced air vaporizer like the Volcano but 2 key points:

1 - it is a LOT cheaper than a volcano, and is still good quality (made in Canada Eh!)

2 - it can do whip mode, has adjustable temperature, fan speed, temperature settings, a remote control and pretty much everything else you can think of!

Here we have to opposite ends of the spectrum. The Volcano is one of the most expensive, elite vaporizers in the world. Incredible performance that comes with a price. The Extreme Q is affordable and very functional. It can do everything the Volcano can and more! I would say that if you were comparing vapor quality and flavor, the Volcano would win hands down, but that's not to say that the performance of the Extreme Q is not excellent. 

Vaporizer Comparison - Who wins

So to summarize, for sheer value, the Extreme Q is a great choice. This is the reason that the Extreme Q is our best selling desktop vape. Then if you are after the feeling of owning a piece of true vaporizer gold, the best of the best, the biggest baddest vape out there, then you are only after a Volcano my friend! Hope this helps if you're after making this difficult choice in life. 

Peace and blessings… 

Namaste Kory

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