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Volcano Digit Vaporizer Review

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CSR Team 17/04/2016

Hi guys, today we're talking about the OG vaporizer. This is the vape that started it all! The Volcano by Storz & Bickel is without a doubt the most well know vaporizer throughout the world and even today rates as the top performing unit on the market. 

About the Volcano Vape

The Volcano is available in two versions - The Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit. The Classic is the first model which has an analog knob to adjust temperature control. Then thew newer model is the Digit which features (you guessed it!) digital temperature controls. Within each there are also options for a Solid Valve Kit or an Easy Valve Kit. Since the Volcano is used for bag/balloon fills, it requires a mechanism to connect the vaporizer to the bag to be filled.

The Solid Valve set allows you to purchase extra bag material and make your own bags which is more efficient but more time consuming, while the Easy Valve Kit comes with pre-assembled bags that are disposable but can be used many times over and again as well. So personally I find the Easy Valve setup much more convenient but say for example I wanted to make myself a 10 foot bag fill I may need the Solid Valve Set! 

How to use the Volcano Digital Vaporizer

For this review we looked at the Volcano Digital Solid Valve configuration. The use of the Volcano Digit is very simple. When you plug the unit in and its turned on you will see a display to show the current temperature. If you press the power button the display turns on for set temperature below. You can select your desired temperature (I seem to like 375F best) and the unit will automatically start to heat up.

I will note that heat-up time with the Volcano is a little slower than some units, but for sure it is worth the wait! After several minutes the center light on the unit labeled the Control light that is an amber color will extinguish once the unit is fully heated, and that would be reflected in the display as well.

Your herb chamber is loaded from the top, you only need a very small amount as the Volcano is seriously efficient! Then drop the plunger in side which helps compress the herbs and improve efficiency. The chamber will connect using a quick-release mechanism to the assembled Solid Valve bag configuration and sit on top of the volcano unit.

Then all you need to do is turn on the fan and let the bag fill up with goodness! I was amazed how fast the bag filled and how dense the vapor was inside. I've also noticed that the vapor is extremely cool and did not irritate my throat or lungs. This making it a great healthy vape for you to use. I believe the reason for this is the amount of surface area in the balloon helps cool the vapor as it expands before you inhale.

Either way the vapor production, flavor and density were better than anything I've tried yet! When you disconnect the heating chamber from the balloon you need to connect the ballon's valve to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is also great because it has a one-way valve that will not allow any precious vapor to escape!

The Volcano Vape is the best on the market

The Volcano Digit is still ranked as the top vaporizer in the industry and in many countries is an approved medical device. Storz & Bickel have continued their legacy of producing the best quality vaporizers on the market with the Plenty, the Mighty and the Crafty. Thanks for reading today's blog post and I've included a link to the review below as well!

Peace and Blessings.

Namaste Kory


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