Review: Silver Surfer by 7th Floor

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This week we will be adding to our ongoing video reviews series the Silver Surfer vaporizer by 7th Floor. As one of our most popular desktop vaporizers we felt it was important to review this one. As always contact NamasteVapes if you have any questions or need some further clarification on the review.

Made by 7th Floor in the US, the Silver Surfer is a convection vaporizer for home and with new accessories can be used for both blends and oils/concentrates

See our page on the Silver Surfer for more information or to order your own today.

Video Transcript

Hi guys. This is Kory with NamasteVapes. Thanks for tuning in today. We're going to be doing a review of the Silver Surfer by 7th Floor. This is a desktop vaporizer, convection based. Very high quality. It's made out of solid metal. It's got a nice base on it. It doesn't have digital temperature control on it and you adjust your temperature by a knob on the front, which is made from beautiful glass. It comes with a hands-free whip which is how you can take your draws.

The Silver surfer comes with:

1 x Padded Carrying Case (Every 7th Floor product comes with one of these nice padded cases. This is a nice benefit of ordering 7th Floor Products is that you can carry these vaporizers on the go. A lot of their vaporizers have a lot of breakable glass parts - and these are really well designed cases to prevent that.)

1 x Glass Stir Pick (can be used to stir up your bowls during your session. You want to be able to move your material around a bit to get the best air flow over them and maximize the vapor inside of the chamber)

1 x Ground Glass Whip and Wand Set (On one side you have your glass mouthpiece, and on the other side is the glass wand. 7th Floor makes two types of wands. They have a ground glass wand which is what you see here and they have a standard glass. The difference is that with the Ground Glass wand is that it's Hands-Free. So what that means is when you have the wand connected to your heater cover you don't need to hold it in place - you can just pick up your mouthpiece and draw off of it. The Standard Glass doesn't have this connection and needs to be held in place while you're vaping so you have to be using two hands at the same time. This isn't great if you're using this vape with other people. We highly recommend the ground glass and in fact we only carry the Ground Glass options at NamasteVapes as we just feel it is a better option.)

On the vaporizer itself, you have a dial you use to control the intensity of the heating element with. In general, if you haven't used this before, I recommend starting at 12 o' clock. If you want a thicker vapor you can turn it up to 1 or 2 O'clock. If you want a bit lighter vapor I recommend going 11 o' Clock. With a lot of the vaporizers where you can control temperature it is a matter of personal preference so you're going to want to start halfway in between and see where you want to go from there.

The heater cover in the back - this is where you insert your blends inside of the wand and this is how the air flows through. When you remove the heater cover you can see that it exposes the ceramic heating element. It is easy to clip back on. The heater cover has a ground glass connection which works perfect with the ground glass wand. What you do is first get your ground material into the wand itself and then put the wand into the heater cover.

The blends themselves get filled inside of the wand. I recommend filling the wand somewhere around half way up. You don't want to pack it full in this case because it will block airflow. This vaporizer is a convention based vaporizer which means that it works by having hot air extracting the active ingredients. This means the material is never in direct contact with the heating element itself. As the air flows, it flows over top of the ceramic heater and it flows through the heater cover, through the ground glass connection and then through the material creating the vapor. With this vaporizer the density of the vapor has a lot to do with the speed of your draw. So if you draw slower, it allows more time for the air to flow over the heating element which makes the air hotter and in turn will create a denser, thicker vapor. If you want to draw really quickly then I recommend turning the temperature up but if you draw slowly, you can keep it at a lower temperature to have the same effect.

Inside of the wand you have a small screen just to prevent any material from being inhaled into the tubing.

Important to note is after a few hits just make sure you should stir your blends inside the heater cover using the included glass pick. This will help air flow moving over the material.

As I previously mentioned a lot of how dense your vapor is will depending on the temperature and more important your draw speed. Make sure to inhale slower if you have a lower temperature. If you prefer having quick draws then you might need to turn the temperature up a bit. That's one of the nice things about this vaporizer is that it's not overly complicated but it still allows you to customize your experience.

The Silver Surfer is a very nice vaporizer - it's one of my favorite desktop units. I don't think it needs all the bells and whistles with the digital displays. It works quite well and is very solid quality. With these chamomile leaves I'm getting a really nice flavor. You really don't have any exposure of the blends of any contact to metal or plastic or anything. I don't think there is any contact with metal except the small screens but I don't think that affects the flavor at all. It really gives it a good flavor and purity.

It has some nice options as well. Something really cool that we are offering is a 14mm Whip Adapter. This is really cool product because you can use it with any of the vaporizers that have whips. It allows you to replace your mouthpiece with a 14mm adapter so you can use our 14mm water tool with it to give it extra filtration and you can get a better cooling effect on the vapor. A lot of people really like the water tools and typically you only see them with some of the portable vaporizers. This is a really nice feature and a great accessory for the product. On our website you'll see our DLX kits - the DLX kits for the desktop units will include one of these water tool adapters and the water tool itself.

It's really simple to use. You'd just remove the plastic mouthpiece that's attached to the vaporizer whip. That comes right out and then you replace that with the 14mm whip adapter. This slides right in to place nice and easy. From there you have our NamasteVapes Water Tool which just inserts onto the ground glass adapter. Then you can draw from the water tool which has a really nice effect on the vapor. The water tools are great because you can turn your vaporizer up to a higher temperature to get thicker vapor that might normally be too hot or irritating to your lungs. Using the water tool is a big help with letting you take bigger rips off these units - especially with units like the 7th Floor products like the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha - you can really get these ones cranked up and get a lot of vapor out of them.

To summarize - this is a great desktop unit for at home use. It doesn't have any of the digital temperature controls but as a result I find that is extremely reliable and there's less things to go faulty on it. Everything on this unit is manufactured to a very high standard so we have very few warranty problems with these. The manufacturer offers a full 3 year warranty. The glass parts, as they are quite breakable, are only covered by warranty for 30 days so I recommend taking good care of them and keeping an eye on them when you're using the unit not to drop the glass. Otherwise this is a very good quality unit and it is highly recommended.

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