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Video Review: NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer

on May 14, 2015

Vaporizer Pens or Vaporizer Mods

As more and more people join the UK vaporizer scene they may find themselves facing a dilemma: Vape pens or vape mods, which is the right model for you?

Oils, Herbs, or Concentrates?

A key difference between mods and pens is the material they vaporise. Generally pens use oils, e-juice, and concentrates. There are exceptions on the UK market like the snoop dogg vape pen which can take dry herb, but for the most part you’ll find that pens go with oils.

Portable vaporizer like the PAX 3 are generally intended for use with dry herbs, but a large selection of models, such as the Grizzly Guru, can use oil and other concentrates.

So if you only want to vape oils, get a pen. If you only want

When it comes to portable vaporizers, the most common power source is by far battery. Most of our top selling portable units, including the Crafty, Mighty and CloudV Terra are all powered by convenient rechargeable batteries. Another option for portable vaporizer power is butane, as seen with the IOLITE and WISPR2 vaporizers.

While these are great options and these are all very reliable vaporizers, they still require a degree of preparation and external supplies to use (chargers, cables, a power source, butane canisters, etc) Some vaporizer manufacturers have opted for an even more convenient, low maintenance power source - a flame! While lighters are often associated with traditional burning of incense / aromatherapy, put up to the right device, they can produce just enough heat to vaporize your aromatherapy while shielding the heat enough to keep the materials from combusting., which is a well known flame-powered portable vaporizer.

Another company making quality flame powered vaporizers is NimbinVap, who have been perfecting their highly portable NimbinVap Vaporizers. This week, Namaste Kory reviews the latest NimbinVap - the NimbinVap 4.0 portable vaporizer.

The NimbinVap 4.0 is a truly portable vaporizer with no less than 7 different modes and functions

The NimbinVap is exclusively available at NamasteVapes online at all of our stores. Get your own NimbinVap 4.0 Portable Vape today! If you are still unsure about which vaporizer is right for you, we recommend checking our our vaporizer video reviews at our YouTube Channel. Thanks for tuning in!

Video Transcript (Video is no longer available)

Hey guys, this is Kory from Namaste Vapes. Thanks for tuning in today. Really excited to talk to you about the new Nimbin 4.0 multi function vaporizer. This is a really cool product guys. It has several different modes of functions to be used for vaporization and other ways of consuming your blends. We're going to talk primarily about vaporization with this unit. It is a really neat unit, it is made out of organic wood materials, it has some aluminum in it. It's really well designed, you can use it in a million different ways, depending on the way you want to use it.

It's being referred to as the Swiss Army knife of vaporizers, because it serves so many purposes. At the end of the day, what counts is that it provides excellent vapor production, and quality, and the taste is excellent. It's really simple to use and really versatile, it's a really neat product. I'm excited to show it to you, because I really do like it and there's a lot to talk about. Let's do a little bit of an unboxing, show how it works, do a little demonstration and see what you guys think. Let's get into a little more detail here. Okay guys, here's the Nimbin in the box that it comes in. It's got an outer sleeve here, when you take this sleeve off this is your Nimbin box. It slides open, here I go, let's show what we get in the kit. First of all, you get a nice length of medical grade silicone tubing. This is what really makes this vaporizer unique, is that you can use this tubing to hook the vaporizer up in ways so that you can have it running into water tools or different types of water filtration systems, or you can have these tubes so you're doing a direct inhale from the unit itself.

It allows a lot of versatility with this vaporizer. We'll go into a little bit more detail and show how this works in a minute. I'll set that aside, and then you have your Nimbin vaporizer here. We'll go into a little more detail in a moment, I just want to show you, you get a set of really nice colorful, spare o-rings, that come with the vaporizer here. If you ever need to replace your o-rings, they supply you with lots of spares. You have a set of replacement screens here as well, that you can use to replace if you ever need.

Then this is a charcoal filter, that can be used with this as well. It's pretty much not used when your using the vaporizer in that mode. It's used for other modes, we're not really going to be using this today. Then this is another really cool tool that's used for piercing holes in bottles or any other types of materials that you're going to be using to incorporate. For example, with water filtration systems with this vaporizer. Again, in this demonstration, we're not going to really need this, because what I'm going to show you is how to vaporize with the Nimbin, as it is right here using some of the silicone tubing.

et this aside, then essentially what you have here is your filling chamber, your base body, and then you have your nozzle. The nozzle really is where you're going to insert your tubing, into here. Your chamber here, is where you put your blends I'll just show you, this slides open. You can see it's really nicely sealed, there's a screen here. You have a nice o-ring here, it's nice aluminum materials. The overall body is really, really nice wood, as well. I like all the materials in this product.

Here's your filling chamber, what you're going to want to do is, you want to fill this chamber up about three quarters of the way. It fills up, it goes over top of here. Also, there's a combustion stopper inside of here, which, when you're heating this with a flame, prevents the blends inside of the chamber from combusting. That's a really important feature here, as well. Then on this side here, you can remove from the body of the nozzle, this piece here, which essentially is another aluminum piece that creates this airtight seal on the inside. When you put it in though, this is what will actually grip onto the silicone tubing when you insert it. That closes up, and then you have it here. In this demonstration I'm going to show you, here I have some organic lemon balm that we'll be using. The first thing that you want to do, is you want to cut a length of this tubing here. Let's just take a small length of it here. What you want to do, is you want to cut it on a forty five degree angle, that way it grips well onto the nozzle inside. There, you can see what I've done.

All you do, is you take this end of it and you twist it into here, you'll feel it grips right on. This is the set up that you now have. You're going to draw out of this end, the vapor is going to get heated in the chamber here, and then it'll flow down through here, through the screens into this. What you can do, why this is really neat, is you can use different lengths of this tubing and you can run it through water, you can do all kinds of different things with it. In this demonstration, I'm just using a simple set up here.

Again, what's interesting too, is that if you use a longer tube, it'll allow more flow of the vapor before it reaches your mouth, it would provide additional cooling, as well. This vaporizer works in a similar fashion to some other vaporizers, like the Vapman, or the Vapor Genie, where they don't require batteries, they're used with flame heat sources from a lighter or a torch. In this case, with the Nimbin, which I actually really like, is that you should not use a flame jet torch. What they recommend, is using either a hemp wick or a standard lighter, like you have here. Which is a softer flame than the jet torches, which would probably just burn up all the materials in here otherwise. To do a little demonstration, I will show you, we just open up the chamber here. They recommend about a three quarter packed full chamber. We'll just load this up for you here, with some of our lemon balm, which is very tasty. I'm filling it up there, it's just around three quarters, a little bit more, maybe, in this case, and then this just goes back on top of here. With all these kinds of vaporizers you want to pre-heat the chamber as you're going. When you're drawing, you only want the flame to enter through here as you're drawing.

I'm going to try to do this in a way that you can see here how it's going to work. You'll see that the flavor and the vapor production with this is great, let's give it a shot here. I'm going to give it a couple of seconds to heat up while I'm going, so you can see. With he lemon balm you don't really get as much visible vapor, as you do with other materials. It's hard to see in the video, I got really tasty flavor out of it. As you go on, this will continuously heat, it will retain more heat as you go. I'll do another draw now, for you, we'll see if we can get a little bit thicker vapor out of it.

You can see there, I got quite a bit more vapor on that one. Because this does retain heat inside of there for a short period, you can sometimes take more than one draw after heating it a single time. What I was really impressed by with this, was well, is that once you are done, you can obviously open the bowl up and empty your blends. It's amazing how quickly this cools down to the touch. Even now I can stick my finger in there, it's cooled off nicely. Cleaning with this vaporizer is very easy too, you can just brush out the bowl. You don't really get a lot of residue build up, and then you have replacement screens that you would replace here, and you replace this screen, as well.

Over time, as you're using it with the heat source, you might want to change it once in a while. Again, the flavor with this is excellent, the vapor production is very good for this vaporizer. It's very unique, it's a very cool vaporizer, it's extremely versatile and small. I like that it doesn't really on batteries, as well. You can take it anywhere with you, you're never stuck without a charge on your vap. It feels really nice, it's a beautiful looking unit. I love the design of it, the concept, it's something that's completely different. There really is nothing else that does this or looks like this on the market.

The fact that it can be used in many different ways, you can check on the website the different functions of this vaporizer, that way it works is something that's really awesome. For the price of this unit, you get a lot of value with it. There's a lot of people out there that really enjoy the experience of a vaporizer that's not electronic, it's back to it's roots with organic materials, there's really something to be said about that. I really do like this vaporizer guys, recommend checking it out. It's the NimbinVap 4.0, it's the latest edition from the manufacturer that we carry in stock here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us. This is a really cool vaporizer, I advise you guys check it out. It's available on all of our domestic and international sites.
to vape dry herb or want a selection of materials get a mod!



The most popular type of vaporizers in the UK are more portable models, non portable models do have their adherents the market tends to favor portable units heavily. This is because portable vaporizers are far easier to store and operate and, of course, carry when you’re away from your home. When considering whether to get a vape pen or a vape mod it’s important to consider what level of portability you need.

Generally vape mods are going to be bulkier than vape pens due to a need to have a chamber that accommodate dry herbs. Pens don’t have this limitation as the majority on the market use oils or waxes for vaporisation. Another factor is that vape mods generally have a larger display and more control inputs than a vaporizer pen.

When we only consider portability it depends on your preference, if you want a device that you can just throw into your pocket and hit the town, then a vape pen is for your. However if you have a bit more room then a vape mod isn’t overly unwieldy and should fit comfortably into a jacket pocket or bag!

Battery Life

If portability is your main concern when you’re choosing whether to get a vape or a mod then you need to consider the respective battery lives and power usage of the units. A vape mod is always going to use more power than a pen. This is mainly down to the way it evaporates its materials. While vape pens use an atomiser and wick to slowly draw oil up from the tank and onto a small heating element a drop at a time, mods have a more involved technique. Vape mods have a small chamber heated by either conduction or convection heating elements to vaporise the active ingredients of herb. This forces a mod to heat a larger surface area so it will naturally use up more battery life!

Obviously your vaporizer is only as useful as long as it has power so a rapidly drained battery will severely hamper its portability. In this area the more power frugal pen wins. However if you have the room, many vaporizer mods have removable batteries that can be swapped out for a fresh and charged spare. Again, not as portable as a pen, but you can mitigate the limitations of the battery somewhat!


Vape mods are quality pieces of kit that are often jam packed with advanced features, sensors, and even bluetooth connectivity! This unfortunately doesn’t come cheap. A good vape mod can be a major investment, the good news is that you will get what you pay for and a decent unit will be worth every penny.

Vaporizer pens tend to be simpler devices and even a high quality one will remain relatively affordable in comparison to a mod.


This is an area that vaporizer mods win hands down. By sheer dint of their design and intended use vape mods come with a whole host of features that make them eminently versatile. Their temperature control allows you to essentially pick and choose what active ingredients you want to activate in your dry herb. It can do this by taking advantage of the various boiling temperatures of the chemicals present in dry herb. Also you can use the temperature settings to affect the density of the vapor and tailor your vape experience even further!

On top of that as we mentioned above thanks to the nature of the vapor chamber many vaporizer mods can use dry herb, concentrate, and oils! Pens are truly blown out of the water in this category!


Vape pens tend to be fairly bare bones and straight forward when it comes to features. They may come with bluetooth connectivity in some cases or have a boost mode. For the most part, however, they will have little more than an on button.

Mods however come with a whole host of bells and whistles, from haptic vibration alerts that let you know when your vaporizer is ready for use, to bluetooth connectivity for interacting with apps that will let you adjust your temperature to the very degree.

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