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Vaporizers: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Posted by CSR Team on

Pax 3 Vaporizers | Namaste Vapes UK

Herb Vaporizers are taking the UK by storm. Hundreds of people from all across the UK herb scene are discovering the health benefits of vaporizers, their adaptability and smooth, tasty flavour. Of course entering the UK vaporizer scene isn’t always an easy transition. There’s a whole host of technical jargon and slang to decode and can be a bit of a barrier to entry. You need to be able to understand this before you can make an informed buying decision with your first vaporizer, so we have compiled a glossary of vape terms, what they mean for your vape experience, what individual components do, and how they can help you find the right vaporizer for you.

Oil Or Dry Herb?

Many UK vaporizers are specially built to work with one of two products, oil or dry herb. Dry herb is generally considered the best option as it allows you to access a whole range of natural ingredients and that tasty flavour. Oils tend to be more portable, working with smaller units and don’t emit that distinctive herb aroma.

Portable Or Desktop?

Vaporizers come in two broad categories; desktop and portable. In short; desktop vapes are intended for home use and portable vapes are intended to be portable (see? We’re already breaking down all that difficult jargon).

Desktop vapes are generally quite large and are intended to be used with a whip mouthpiece, a long tube that you can take hits from in a similar way to hookah pipes. Many desktop vaporizers have a component called a balloon, or bag; this is slowly filled with vapor by a fan and can be detached and vaped from for a little added portability. You won’t be going on any great journeys, but you can pop out of the room with it.

Portable vapes are the most popular type on the UK vaporizer scene. They’re much more compact and sleek. They generally operate off of a battery and tend to have short glass or plastic mouth pieces.

Convection or Conduction

Vaporizers heat their herb in one of two ways. Conduction, where the herb comes into direct contact with the heating element, and convection, which blows hot air across the herb (similar to how a fan oven works). Generally convection is considered the superior method of vaporizing herb.

Convection vapes are generally desktop models, but an increasing number of portable models are hitting the UK market all the time!  Convection leads to a smoother, more even vapor but can take some time to reach the required temperature (or ‘build up some steam’).

Convection is the most popular method for heating herb among portable vape manufacturers. It’s much faster and more cost efficient than convection, but if you’re not careful you can accidentally induce combustion with it! This results in acrid smoke and wasted herb.

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls are usually mounted on the front of your vaporizer with some kind of display. Usually LCD but some models use LEDs or even bluetooth-linked phone apps. The adjustable temperature of vaporizers is one of their most important draws.

The adjustable temperature means that you can take advantage of the different boiling points of the various active ingredients in herb to achieve different effects when you vape. Want a head high? There’s a setting for that. Want pain relief? There’s a setting for that!

Additional Features

There is a staggering range of vaporizers on the UK market with infinite variation and all manner of gimmicks. Some of the more common additions are as follows.

Vibrating Alerts: Some portable vaporizers come with a handy vibrating alert function that lets you know that it has reached vaping temperature. This saves you having to constantly check the display or take disappointing test hits.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Smaller vapes may not have enough room to have an adequate set of temperature controls or a display. They make up for this by connecting to a smartphone app that gives you a huge level of control over your vaporizers settings.

Balloon/Bag: This component is usually found on desktop vapes. It is essentially a bag of medical grade plastic that is filled with herb vapor by a small fan. Once it is filled to your desired level you can detach it for a more portable and comfortable vaping experience.

Automatic Cut Off: This is a feature on portable vapes that helps them preserve their batteries. Usually it’s some manner of timer that starts counting down when the vape is not being actively used. When it reaches a pre-set time limit it powers the unit down, preserving batteries. Some more advanced models, like the PAX 2 UK use sensors that detect when the unit is being pressed to a user's mouth. When it senses this, only then does it activate the heating chamber.


Now you know all the most common features of vaporizers in the UK. You can use this information to find a vaporizer that suits your needs. Want a unit that you can use in the comfort of your own home with precise temperature controls and a smooth, convection taste? Go for the Volcano!

What if you want something that you can rely on when you’re out and about? Something that can vaporize herb and has an easy-to-use display? When then you should go for the Da Vinci IQ! There’s a whole array of vaporizer with endless combinations of features and gimmicks out there, armed with this article, you’re sure to find the right one for you
For these and an even wider array of vaporizers check out our UK web store!

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