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Vaporizer Reviews: Puffco Peak Vs Plenty Vaporizer

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Today, we’re going to look at two of the most innovative vaporizers available on the market, the Plenty vaporizer from German legends Storz & Bickel and the award-winning Puffco Peak by Puffco.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

These are two very interesting devices, which combine the casual hand-held use of portable devices with the technology and sturdiness of desktop vaporizers. Best described as home-portable devices, these two vaporizers fill the gap in the market for powerful handheld devices capable of powering a large group session or party. Read on for our breakdown of each of these devices!

What kind of vaper are you?

When comparing the two of these vaporizers, the first question you have to ask yourself is - what kind of vaper am I? While the Plenty is capable of vaping both concentrates and dry herb (although, it is engineered to prioritize dry herb) the Puffco Peak is solely a digital dab rig.

So if you only vape concentrates, the Puffco Peak is a clear winner. If you like to experiment with your material and dabble in both dry herb and concentrates, maybe consider investing in the Plenty for a truly diverse unit.

Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty Vaporizer is one of the most underrated devices from the German vaporizer company Storz & Bickel. While the Volcano continues to dominate Best Vapes lists almost 20 years after its release, the Plenty vaporizer is the unsung hero of the Storz & Bickel family.

Much like the Puffco Peak perfectly fills the gap between tricky dab rigs and portable dab pens, the Plenty vaporizer combines the easy use of a handheld device with the pure, high-quality convection heating that can only be achieved with a desktop device.


Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates

With the Plenty vaporizer, the clue is in the name - not only can you pack your oven with plenty of herbs with the extra wide chamber, but you can also use it with concentrates! Simply use the liquid pad included in your kit.

Large Oven Capacity

Thanks to its extra wide oven and large capacity, the Plenty herb chamber can fit up to a full gram of dry herb! This is perfect for vaping as part of a large group or in a party setting, as you won’t have to stop and start your session to keep refilling your chamber. And if you don’t want to use so much herb, simply use the liquid pad or a filling chamber reducer.

Whip-Style Mouthpiece

We love the whip-style extra long cooling coil mouthpiece, which effectively works to cool down your vapor even more than a standard straight mouthpiece would. By making your vapor travel farther before it reaches your mouth, your vapor has more time to cool down, giving you smooth, tasty draws with every hit.


Dry Herb > Concentrates

While the Plenty is designed to vape both concentrates and dry herbs, it really prioritizes dry herbs in its engineering. So if you’re hugely into concentrates, maybe consider buying the Puffco Peak or using a device that is specifically for concentrates in all their variations (shatter, wax, oil, etc). However, if you only occasionally dabble in concentrates, the Plenty can easily satisfy your appetite.

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

The Puffco Peak is a truly amazing new innovation in the field of dabbing and traditional rigs, and Puffco did a wonderful job at bridging the gap between traditional dab rigs that require a blowtorch and portable dab pens. Since the Puffco Peak does not require users to get up close and personal with a blow torch, this device is particularly suited to anyone new to dabbing that might have been intimidated by traditional rigs and E-Nails.

The Puffco Peak is incredibly safe to use and it is essentially one of the simplest dab rigs to use, therefore this device is perfectly suited to users of all levels. With a consistently high-quality performance from every hit, the Puffco Peak takes all the trickiness out of dabbing.



The Puffco Peak could not be more user-friendly to operate. Simply remove the glass attachment and fill with water until the two air holes on the base of the pipe are covered, being careful not to get any water inside the inner section of the pipe. Align the air holes with the hole in front of your atomizer, and click the glass attachment back in place.

Choose a heat setting by clicking the power button, with four pre-set levels to choose from blue (450°F) green (500°F) red (550°F) and white (600°F). The Puffco Peak takes only 30 seconds to heat up, which is considerably quicker than traditional rigs which can take 3 minutes on average.

Sesh Mode

One of our favorite features about the Puffco Peak is the Sesh mode feature, which is perfect to use with a large group of friends. Sesh mode gives you an extra 15 seconds of consistent heat before t cools down, which turns an ordinary vaping session into a more social dabbing experience. Double click the power button to engage Sesh mode, as many times as you want throughout your session. Thanks to smart temperature calibration, every hit will be as smooth and cool as the last - and you don’t have to worry about your device overheating during Sesh mode.


Not portable

While the Puffco Peak is technically a portable device, that doesn’t mean you can just pop this unit in your pocket and use it on-the-go. The Puffco Peak is best used for a casual group hang, where you can pass around your unit easily without the clunkiness of a desktop device or traditional dab rig. While you can’t use it on-the-go (that’s what your dab pen is for!) the unit itself is still easily transportable in a backpack to light up any casual night in or house party.


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