Vaporizer Mouthpiece: Plastic V Glass, What Should You Pick? 

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Should I get a plastic mouthpiece or a glass mouthpiece?

There are benefits and disadvantages to each choice. If you’re looking for durability a plastic mouthpiece would be ideal but if you want something that is easy to clean a glass mouthpiece is a great choice.

Why You Should Care

One of the most important parts of a vaporizer is the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece, above all other components, is where you want quality. You’re going to be sticking it in your mouth quite a bit, after all. It’s going to see the most use and without it you simply can’t vape.

Mouthpieces come in all manner of sizes and lengths to suit any need, but there are two common categories: glass and plastic. Choosing the right mouthpiece can make the difference between a good vape experience and a great vape experience.

Below we’ve listed the definitive advantages and disadvantages of every type of vaporizer mouthpiece.

Glass or Plastic?

Let’s look at both these choices in a little depth.

Plastic Vaporizer Mouthpiece

Probably the most important point to make about plastic mouthpieces is how incredibly durable they are. If you’re taking your vape out and about there’s going to be a little wear and tear. Should you drop your unit a plastic mouthpiece is more likely to stand up to the challenge.

Generally speaking, plastic mouthpieces are made out of polycarbonate plastic, which has a level of flex built in to prevent shattering.

Plastic mouthpieces also tend to be cheaper than their glass and metal counterparts, so if you foresee yourself replacing your mouthpiece regularly then plastic is the more affordable choice.

The downside is that some users report a plastic taste to their vapor when they use one of these mouthpieces. This is often the result of inferior quality materials but to be honest it can happen even with expensive mouthpieces. This could be the plastic reacting with the vapor but don’t worry it’s not toxic. If the ‘feel’ is wrong then plastic mouth pieces aren’t for you.

Overtime your mouthpiece will build up a layer of resin and grime, this seems to adhere more to plastic so you will find yourself cleaning it a little more often than you would a glass mouthpiece. But if a little upkeep doesn’t dissuade you then consider this cheaper, durable option.

Glass Vaporizer Mouthpiece

Glass (often borosilicate glass) has a lot going for it as a mouthpiece choice. For one thing it will never react with the vapor. This is what you want because there’s nothing worse than tained vapor.

If you’re mainly worried about the quality of your vape experience then glass is the way to go. You will also enjoy a superior level of filtration from a glass mouthpiece that will remove any harmful toxins from your vapor.

The tradeoff for this quality is, as you might expect, the fragility of a glass mouthpiece. Unlike a plastic mouthpiece, a glass one is unlikely to survive many unexpected drops to the ground. For this reason you might be a little less inclined to bring it outside with you which naturally reduces portability. Not the most convenient then.

However, glass tends to stay cleaner for longer because resin has a harder time sticking to it and any sticky saliva buildup will simply wipe off. Eventually you will have to detach it and give it a proper clean, just be sure to treat it with care when you do.

The Vaporizer Mouthpiece for You

Ultimately, a quality vaporizer mouthpiece is going to give you a great vape experience and whether you choose glass or plastic is down to your personal preferences. If you want to have a rugged vaporizer that go anywhere without worry then plastic is for you. Its resilience combined with the relative affordability of a replacement or spare makes it ideal.

However, if taste is king and price isn’t that big of a deal then choose a glass mouthpiece. Nothing will give you a cleaner or clearer taste than glass. Just be careful with it.

Caring for Your Mouthpiece: Plastic or Glass

Either glass or plastic it is very important that you clean your mouthpiece thoroughly. This will get rid of the inevitable build up of saliva, resin, and other particles that weaken or taint the taste of your vapor. There’s no real difference when it comes to cleaning either type of mouthpiece.You’ve just gotta be thorough.

The best result is to first rinse your mouth piece with hot water, then place it in a container full of solution and let it stand. After a while you can take it out and carefully brush it all over, dislodging any stubborn resin. After that give it another rinse to ensure that there’s no solution left behind. Finally gently dry it with some kitchen roll, put it back into your vape and enjoy.

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