Vaporizer Draw Resistance and Efficiency

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What is Draw Resistance?

The efficiency of your vaporizer draw resistance will determine how much and how powerful your hits are. Vaporizer draw resistance and efficiency is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of any vaporizer. 

What is an Efficient Vaporizer

Vaporizer draw resisitance

Conduction or Convection

There are two separate categories of vaporizers - conduction and convection. To summarize, conduction vaporizers work by heating your aromatherapy blends in an oven when they come in to direct contact with the heating element itself. Conduction, works in contrast, by directly heating your materials. If you're interested you can learn more about the differences in detail here.

The first important thing to remember when using a conduction vaporizer is that you need to pack the chamber full. This may not be the most economical solution but to get the best performance pack that chamber full but not so much that it will block airflow through the unit! With a fully packed chamber and using a conduction vape like the Pax 2 Vaporizer, you'll find the best results when you take light puffs or 'sips' from the unit.

As we say with the Pax to "Pack tightly and Puff lightly". If you don't pack enough material in the chamber then the heat will not distribute properly which will result in a lack of vapor production and also you may notice an uncomfortably hot feeling of the air coming through the mouthpiece.

Desktop Vaporizers with Powerful Draw Resistance 

Remember you don't need to fully pack the chamber to get great draws. But the performance and vapor production more depend on your draw speed. Take, for example, a really famous convection vape which uses hot air to extract the vapor, the Volcano Digit. The heating element reaches a set temperature and then a fan turns on and forces the air through the herbs which creates the vapor and fills a balloon. That's the convection heating in action.

Now let's look at Arizer Extreme Q, the most popular desktop vape, which features variable fan speeds. If you were to reduce the fan speed it would mean that the incoming fresh air has more time over the heater and therefore will produce more vapor as it flows through your material.

So convection vapes at low temps will need a slower draw but at higher temps you could change your draw speed to avoid combustion. Temperature control plays a massive role in your vaping experience.

Most Desktop vapes are convection based units while we've seen a tremendous push in the portables market towards convection based units like the Firefly 2, Grasshopper and Crafty. Other vapes that have heating chambers like Haze Dual V3 also have optional 'convection' screens which keep the materials away from the heating surfaces. This results in a lighter vapor with more flavor. 

Maximum Efficiency

In terms of overall efficiency, typically, convection vaporizers are the most efficient, especially desktop units like the Volcano. The main reason for this is that you don't need to fully pack the chamber and since the chamber is not heating when in use (just the air is) then you can turn it off at any time and come back to it without affecting the flavor of your material.