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Vaping in the UK

Posted by CSR Team on

The vaporizer market in the UK has exploded in recent years, as more and more people look for a healthier alternative to smoking and combustion methods of consuming dry herb. There are so many vaping methods to choose from -  from oil and wax pens, to conduction vapes, convection vapes and even hybrid devices. 

For newcomers to the vaping community, it can be a little intimidating to know where to start, and what kind of vape is best for you and your tastes. Read on for our breakdown of different types of vaporizers and how they work. 

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Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vapes are our speciality at Namaste, with best-selling brands like Pax, Volcano, Firefly and DaVinci among the most popular models with UK vapers. Dry herb vapes are powered by either convection, conduction or hybrid heating technology to bring the temperature of the dry herbs up to just below their combustion point. This process releases the vapor which can then be inhaled. There is a massive range of size, style and price range among dry herb devices, so if you're not sure what to look for, contact us for guidance and we can help you find the best vape for your tastes and budget. 

Concentrate Pens

Kandypen Rubi Concentrate Vaporizer

Concentrates like wax and oils are the newest frontier in the vaping industry, and its a particular area in which we're seeing rapid growth and exciting developments.Concentrates are forms of high potency extractions that require higher temperatures to vaporize than dry herb. While some dry herb vaporizers can also be used with concentrates, concentrate pens like the Dr. Dabber or the Kandypens Rubi are specially constructed for liquid concentrates. The Kandypens Rubi uses an atomizer with a highly conductive ceramic coil that is specially suited to conducting high levels of heat specifically for liquid concentrates, giving you an all-round better vaping experience. Sleek and compact, concentrate pens are a subtle and chic alternative to bulkier dry herb devices. 

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers

For dry herb, desktop models like the Volcano and the Arizer Extreme Q  are the ultimate vaping experience. While it's more of an investment piece, desktop vaporizers  give you the smoothest and purest vapor taste without having to rely on small portable ovens and limited battery power. While sales for portable vapes are expanding, desktop models remain the champions of vapor quality. 

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