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Vaping in 2019 - What you should be looking for!

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Ever since the emergence of dry herb vaporizers, the quest to make them more innovative and efficient caught on like wildfire. 2019 is set to bring about massive changes for the vaping industry as a whole with battery-less vaporizers (that’s right, keep reading) and much, much more.

DynaVap M Vaporizerr

New vaporizer brands are on the horizon, and we at NamasteVapes UK are delighted to welcome them to our virtual shelves.

Thankfully though, with the race to make vaporizers smaller and high-performing, there is a wide range of vaporizers to choose from.

Here are 3 new vaporizers that have arrived at NamasteVapes UK that you should be keeping a close eye on.

DynaVap M

First on the list is the DynaVap M from DynaVap. This prestigious vaporizer has made its way to NamasteVapes UK. The DynaVap M has grown exponentially since its release. If you’re an Instagram fan, we're sure you saw this bad boy on your timeline as you scrolled through the social platform.

This innovative vaporizer is for the explicit use of dry herbs. The DynaVap M is a portable battery-less, smoke-less and combustion-less vaporizer. The M’s structural integrity is enriched in vaporizer fundamentals, hassle-free and ultra-pocketable. In a market flooded with unnecessary add-ons and Bluetooth compatibility, the M drops the fancy add-ons and give you the perfect on the go vape. 

The DynaVap M is now available here!

DynaVap M Vaporizerr


We’re not done just yet with the DynaVap Family. The OmniVong dressed in a rugged light wood exterior is similar in build and functionality to the M. The OmniVong is portable dry herb vaporizer: it is a tiny bit larger than the M, but portable nonetheless. This vaporizer is made up of three parts - a midsection, condenser, and mouthpiece. The OmniVong stands at a respectable 109mm.

Exactly like the M, the OmniVong operates by an external heater. No charging, no waiting around; pure and instant vapor. Staying true to the DynaVaps legacy ditching any intense technological advancements and sticks to a sleek, functional and modern vaporizer.

The OmniVong is now available here!

OmniVong Vaporizerr

Zeus Arc GT

Last up on our list of vapes to be on the lookout for is the Zeus Arsenal Arc GT. A compact dry herb vaporizer built from German engineers. You can tell. The Zeus Arc GT is the first vaporizer, ever to feature an all-gold vapor path that has the ability to transform the taste, density, and production of your vapor massively.

TheTO Zeus Arc GT literally works like a German engineered car: it does not disappoint. Employing an all-gold vapor path means when it comes to conducting heat, nothing works better than gold. In effect, your herbs will evenly bake to perfection.

The GT introduces a Gold Sink technology, which, yet again is a first for the vaping industry. This piece of technology is found inside the mouthpiece and cools the vapor in order to produce smooth, tasty vapor.

The Zeus Arc GT is now available here!

Zeus Arc GT Vaporizerr

Greatness is yet to come

As we said, 2019 is set to bring massive changes for the vaporizer industry and we are excited to be a part of their journey.

If you are interested in any of the vaporizers mentioned above, click here to explore their greatness.


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