Vapes On A Plane: What You Need to Know

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Vapes On A Plane: Everything You Need To Know

Those who vape do so for many reasons, not least of which is its convenience and portability. Vaping is an excellent way to enjoy CBD, curb your smoking habit, and explore a world of flavors, all without disrupting your more than likely busy days. It’s almost presumed that our vapes can accompany us wherever we may go. But wait, what about that trip to Morocco, and the plane you will be taking to get there? Can your vape travel with you?

With so many rules and regulations surrounding what we can and can’t travel with, it is of course reasonable to wonder if a vape might be considered a harmful or outlawed product for air travel. And, indeed, there is the troubling business of vaping liquid, and batteries. With so much to consider, it might seem like an impossible task filled with dusty particulars, clauses and sub clauses. 

However, with a clear, simple, and above all accurate guide to the current regulations, let us help you figure out exactly what you need to know.

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Can You Take Vapes on a Plane?

Can You Smoke At Airports?

There is a short answer to this question, and what might seem a bit daunting at first glance, a long(er) answer. So let’s start short: yes. Yes, you can take your vape on a plane. But there are a few conditions that must be followed along with this affirmative answer:

  • You must carry your vape, and any lithium batteries or vape related ‘kit’, along with your carry on baggage and not in your checked bag for safety reasons - the vape could potentially catch fire mid-flight and if this were to happen in the checked luggage hold, it could be very dangerous.
  • Like with cigarettes or any other substance you can smoke, you are not permitted to use your vape while on the aircraft. 
  • You cannot charge your vape batteries on the aircraft, either on tarmac or in the air.
  • As with other carry on liquids, you cannot carry more than 100ml or 3.4 ounces of liquid per container. As such, it follows that if you are carrying a container of eliquid that has more than the allocated amount, and you are not allowed to hold your vaping products in your checked baggage, you would need to leave the liquid behind.

Vapes and Planes: Considerations and Concerns

As we have seen, vapes are allowed on planes if the list of conditions mentioned above is followed. This, however, is not quite the end of the story. These conditions are necessary because, quite simply, vaping devices could potentially prove dangerous under certain circumstances or indeed due to random malfunctioning. So what should you consider before popping your vape in your bag and getting on that plane?

Considerations When Taking Your Vape On A Plane

  • Do you have a battery case? Some, but not all, airlines require vaping batteries to be stored separately to the actual vape, again for safety reasons.
  • Can you vape where you are travelling? It is better not to assume that vaping is legal in the country(s) you are travelling to. If you don’t check, you could go through all the trouble of bringing the vape only to have it confiscated at the other end. Take a look at the chart below for a quick guide to those places where vaping is banned or restricted:

  • Cabin pressure inside the airplane can cause the eliquid in your vape tank to leak. Consider how you are storing your vaping materials.
  • Convection vapes, or any vape, really, have the potential to turn on in your bag, the dangers of which are apparent.

Bringing your Vape on a Plane: Useful Tips

How, then, can you avoid the possible dangers, confiscation, or mess, associated with bringing your vape on a plane? If you are confident that bringing your vape onto an aircraft is the right option, there are some useful tricks and best practices that can ensure a mess-free, safe journey:

  • It’s always best practice to disassemble the components of your vape before flight just in case it is required that you must do so by the airline you are travelling with. Not only does this avoid a potential inevitability, but also ensures peace of mind. If vapes are taken apart and bagged separately, the risk of any dangers decreases exponentially.
  • Make sure your vaping liquid meets the criteria for liquids allowance before your flight. And, as well, make sure it is stored in the appropriate zip top clear plastic bag designated for liquids.
  • Buy replacement vaping supplies before travel in case these items are difficult to locate in your destination.
  • More than anything, research ahead of time! Ensure you know the specific policy regarding vapes and any such device not only for the airline you are travelling with, but the country you are travelling to.

With the right amount of foresight, practical advice, and basic knowledge, bringing your favorite vape along on that trip you’ve been looking forward to can be a seamless process. So to save yourself from delays, disappointment, and disruptions, follow the guidance above and go enjoy that holiday.

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