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Vape nails | What are they and are they for Vaping?

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Vape nails, also known as nails, dabbers, vape pens, are taking the vaping industry by storm due to the purity of the smoke these products supply. Many people are aware of the dangers of inhaling too much smoke into their lungs and because of this they are searching for cleaner more healthier ways in which to get completely off their heads.
And with the advent of modern technology you can get off your head and still maintain your nutritional levels.  But first of all, you'll need to be able to pick your way through the minefield and get the best product that suits your needs.
Like anything you should try and get to know your product first before you can plunge in with any real confidence. Owning a Vape Nail is a bit like getting to know a beautiful new woman, because it takes a while in getting to know all of them nooks, and crannies, and all of them delicious holes. 
You cant just plunge in and make a mess of it,  first of all you'll have to find your technique, and when you do discover your technique you can drive the hit home forcefully and repeatedly until your left gasping for air, perhaps, lying spread eagled on the bed with a smug look of satisfaction on your face. With a vape nail you'll feel like a conquereor, a true champion amongst men, soaring like an eagle as you survey all of your minions below.


Vape Nails

Vape nails use heating devices and elements to vaporize waxes and oils and waxes and these vape nails are designed to snugly fit on top of rigs and water pipes for your vaping pleasure.How do you use Vapes nails, I hear you asking? 
A nail is heated by a torch, and then your herbs and concentrates are dabbed onto it, and as soon as they're heated they produce a sublime vapour that you inhale into your lungs. The beautiful thing about dab rings is that you'll receive a superior and more productive hit than from some other products.
One of the reasons why dab rings have come to the publics attention is because of the superb hits that people have been receiving. There is an old saying that 'good news travels fast' and this is the case with Vape Nails and Dab Rings.  
Most of the nails that you'll use will have to be heated up with torches. The only exception to this rule is e-nails.

If your vape nail doesn't come equipped with a dome you must wait for it to cool down before packing it away- least you burn down your parents house all for the sake of  a damn good high.


Vape Nails

Most vape nails are made up of three separate components: a glass piece, a nail, and a torch. In most cases, in all likelihood, you'll have to purchase the torch lighter separately. Most people prefer to use dabbers when  smoking their concentrates.
The dabber is just a small rod that you'll use to sort your concentrates out. Many people like mixing and matching components until they find the ones that suits their needs. But in my opinion, for many beginners, it might be better off to buy the whole set as one so that you are ready for battle from the off.


Vape Nails

And just like some men like an ass the size of a back of a bus, and some men prefer nice little pert asses, there has been a lot of heated debate about which nail styles are the best. This is emotive question, because who's going to tell a man that his wife has a head on her like a gorilla when the same man thinks his wife looks like Cinderella?
Its a bit like in Boxing where they say 'styles make fights' and when it come to vape nails some styles are better than others depending on the situation. The nail is  an extremely important part of the device because without it there will you'll be receiving no high. In an ideal situation the nail will heat up quickly and it'll main its heat for a period of time. Here is a list of the types of nails you can use.
Glass- Borosilicate glass, whilst great in bongs and pipes just isn't up to the job when used in nails for dab rings. The reason why glass doesn't work is because it breaks very easily and so you'll end up spending more than you originally envisaged. Also, glass has a tendency not to retain heat and so you'll likely struggle to find the correct temperature required for certain concentrates.
Ceramic- Similarly to glass ceramic will break very easily and overall we feel you should stay well clear of this material.

Quartz- Quartz is a pretty good option to go with because its very strong and durable. The one issue we found with Quartz is that it doesn't maintain its heat for long enough and so may not maintain heat long enough for you get a good smoke.

Titanium- Out of all the products we've tried titanium seems to top the list for overall quality. One of the reasons why titanium is best is because it retains its heat and almost because of the sheer indestructability of it.

E-Nails-  These products are very convenient as they eliminate the need for a torch. Additionally, you can set the temperature, and because of this you can control your device how you see fit. The e-nail is a far superior method to the traditional torch and fire method that are commonly used during the process of vaporisation.


When you begin shopping, you'll begin to realise that there are many products out there with domes and many without domes. Which ones are the best? As is always the case there will be lots of debates and arguments about this, but in my opinion the domed nails are the best because they're a safer alternative where you wont have to worry about falling asleep and waking up with your house in flames, trying to explain to your parents that it was just one hit one you where looking for as their house goes up in flames.


Never attempt to use a dab ring unless you're in a safe secure place. Because you'll be using a torch you should try and be aware of your surroundings and concentrate on the task in hand. Its common sense basically, don't get the torch and start lighting up your whole room like a goddamn maniac, use the torch to get your herbs into your body.


Don't be a lazy degenerate and let your vape nail get dirty. Its a bit like cleaning your room regularly- if you do a little bit everyday and don't let the filth build up then you'll not have much to worry about BUT if you do let the dirt and grime build you then you're going to have a very tough job.
What we recommend is it buy a special attachment device to clean out the reburn, and then scrape out any dirt that you come across. To clean the rig you could steal someone else's alcohol(least we waste our own) and then pour the alcohol into the rig, let it soak, and loosen up all that grime inside.


If you want to get the best from your dabbing experience well then what can we say just go ahead and get dabbing, dab like you've never dabbed before, dab like your life depends on it, and dab like you want to get the best high of your life.
If you're new to dabbing we would suggest try to purchase the full kit to make life easier for yourself. Experiment a little bit at the beginning and find your way around until you find the kit that will fit your needs.
One idea I would suggest would be sample other peoples kits first and then decide whether you feel their kit will suit your needs, and maybe when they're not looking you could jump put the window with their kit(only joking), but it is a good idea to sample a few different products until you find the one that you like.

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