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UK Cannabis Clubs

on Jun 11, 2018

A cannabis club is a form of a legalized cannabis market where marijuana is enjoyed in social gatherings. UK conceptualized this concept as a way to enable legal production and distribution of cannabis for adults.

These clubs are non-commercial organizations that organize the legal cultivation of cannabis in limited amounts just for the club members. Each of the members get a value card with units reasonable to their credit.

Cannabis Clubs UK

This credit has a maximum limit which is kept either monthly or annually. The UK cannabis clubs members are by law prohibited from reselling any amount of cannabis they purchase from these clubs.

Such clubs see a rather increasing membership from people all over the world that see the logical idea in the smoking of cannabis in an enclosed and controlled environment as long as everyone abides to the laws of the land.

A good example of such UK cannabis clubs is Club Exhale at the Teesside cannabis club. This club boasts of around 150 members that have been allowed to use weed in the safe and controlled space in Middlesbrough.

The club members pay an annual fee of £35 or a daily fee of £25, in order to gain access. This particular club was set up about four years ago. Cannabis being sold on credit; the club makes it daily revenue through the sale of tickets to special events and drink refreshments.
Cannabis Clubs UK

The idea of starting cannabis clubs came up as a way to decriminalize cannabis use in UK. Using the drug in a controlled environment and at checked limits is a way to go about showing the government how effective this cannabis club model can work throughout the country.

Club patrons argue that taxes charged from these potential controlled sales could benefit the country more rather than going into the black market for illegal purchases and sales of the drug. The clubs do not allow alcohol in their events and boast of not causing any harm and disorders to the public, contrary of cannabis being illegal and the government having a tight noose around these kinds of clubs.

The clubs however need to get into an agreement with the police and local governments. They also have to pay taxes.

Cannabis Clubs UK

Such clubs encourage a spirit of networking and social enjoyment of this illegal drug but under strict rules that the members and the club generally adhere to. If the government took away these cannabis clubs, it would not stop people from smoking this drug.

Contrary to that, the drug would be abused on the streets and people would be disorderly and cause a lot of chaos. So, in a way, the cannabis clubs in UK have come up with indirect ways to keep the streets safe from hooligans and other people considered harmful to the general peace.

Cannabis clubs in the UK do not allow the sale and purchase of other drugs in the vicinities. Rather, they only sell snacks and offer television services and game rooms as a way to keep their members in a sober, communicative state.

Naturally, We at Namaste will always recommend the cleanest and healthiest means of enjoying your Cannabis such as Vaping.

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