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Twisty Glass Blunt - Review

Posted by CSR Team on

The Twisty Glass Blunt, to put it frankly, is the absolute future of convenient, portable smoking. Portable smoking is an absolute necessity in 2019, and we can see this with the huge increase in popularity of portable vaporizers when compared to desktop vapes.  It completely blows all blunts and joints that have come before it out of the water and makes things so simple, yet keeps things so delicious. The blunt is timeless. It’s been one of the most convenient forms of smoking, as well as one of the original. They aren’t going away anytime soon, but what the Twisty Glass Blunt might have done is made the traditional paper completely obsolete, renovating the process for years to come.

The Twisty Glass Blunt is perfect for constant, personal use or as a great part piece. Pass it around from friend to friend with just a simple twist of the corkscrew getting rid or your already burnt material. Then, take it home with you be discreetly slipping what’s life of your supply within the tube.

The Twist

The simple beauty behind the Twisty Glass Blunt is all in the twist. The metal corkscrew that allows you to completely pack your blunt full of herb, push your unburnt herb towards the front of the blunt as well as push out all burnt ashes. With this method, there’s no way you’d ever waste another piece of herb again, and since the cherry is always at the far end of the blunt, you’ll never have to burn your fingers or lips again trying to smoke all of your flowers.

Twisty Glass Blunt - Review

Loading The Twisty Glass Blunt couldn’t be simpler. Just remove the corkscrew, fill the glass chamber with grounded herb, roughly 1.5 grams worth will fill it to the top, and then put the corkscrew back in, pushing the herb down while at the same time letting it move up the twist. Make sure the rubber cap is on the other end and, when you finally slip the mouthpiece back into the glass blunt, you’ll have yourself a filled glass blunt. From there, turning the corkscrew will push the herb forward, letting it compress under the cap and, when you take it away, you’ll have a ready to burn bundle of flowers ready to go.

Maybe you don’t even want to to smoke it right now. That’s fine. Put the rubber cap back on and the twisty glass blunt basically acts as a portable storage device, ready to smoke whenever you are. And, since everything is held together with O rings and tight rubber, no smell seeps out so you won’t have to worry. Thanks to the twist, there’s absolutely no reason to use a roach with it. All of those discarded roaches, with the small few grains of unburnt herb at the bottom eventually adds up. Thanks to the twist glass blunt, you’ll never have to worry about wasting a single grain ever again as everything eventually gets pushed towards the end. The twist is really incredible and the fact that no one thought of such an effective system of getting the most out of your herb until now is just as incredible.

The Features

With The Twisty Glass Blunt, what you’re looking at is 2mm of german SCHOTT glass, which, in a bong, would be considered thin but in something this compact and round, it should survive plenty of hits. It’s about the length of a good blunt anyway and the corkscrew is made from aluminium. This beautiful blunt is so strong and sturdy, it’ll be with you for years, completely negating the need for blunts for a very long time. Give it to your clumsiest friend; this tough little blunt wont break for him either.

The fact of the matter is, paper rolled blunts are one of the unhealthiest ways to smoke. Not only does it have the greatest likelihood for you to breathe in ash and other debris, but those papers usually contain some amount of nicotine which is not only very unhealthy but also may taint your smoke. With the Twisty Glass Blunt, and you need is it and your herb (and your grinder if you want to make sure you get the most out of your flowers).

The Twisty Glass Blunt is so small and so discreet, no one will even know you have it. You won’t attract attention and you’ll find it a lot easier to sneak off for a quick session if you have the opportunity. Easy to store, easy to carry and easy to clean so it can be your perfect marijuana companion.

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