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Transitioning from smoking to vaping

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Seasoned smokers and new smokers alike are seeking more beneficial ways to consume herbs, which is why dry herb vaporisers may be a great solution. Easy to use, these devices can heat herbs to perfection with either conduction, convection or hybrid heating. 

Vaporisers can take some getting used to in the beginning, so it’s important to get the technique right. Those starting out may be skeptical, although once the vaporiser is used correctly, it's hard to turn back to smoking.

Each oven type works differently and requires a specific technique to ensure that the heat can effectively permeate all of the herb. Here’s a breakdown of each oven type, and what to expect:


Conduction heating works when the herb touches the sides of the oven, which requires a tightly packed chamber with finely ground material. Some vapes using this oven type will need a stir of the material in the chamber halfway through a session, and there should be roughly ten seconds between each pull.


With this heating method, hot air passes over the herb and does not come into contact with the heating element. It’s important to ensure there is space for the air to pass and to fill the chamber loosely.


Hybrid heating has the best of both worlds, and is usually quite forgiving with the loading technique. Pack the oven tightly but with enough room for the air to pass. The material can be fine or course.

There are a host of functionalities and different requirements depending on the vaporiser’s usage. The next subjects touch on some things to consider that will enhance your experience when using a dry herb vape.

Session versus on-demand vapes

Most vapes are session vapes, which stay on and maintain the temperature throughout the whole session (usually around three minutes). On-demand vapes only heat when you use the device. The optimum temperature is 185 degrees C, although avid consumers may turn up the heat on their vaporisers to produce thick vapor. When the product is heated way over 185 degrees C, some of the potential benefits may be compromised. Some vapes have session settings, meaning the temperature starts low and gets hotter over the session. For others, you can adjust to a specific temperature. Most inexpensive vaporisers will usually have 3-5 heat settings.

High-end versus budget-friendly vapes

When considering the output these devices deliver, it’s important to note the performance of an inexpensive vape compared to a high-end one will be vast in most cases. 

Understandably, those starting out with a vaporiser may be hesitant on the investment, however it’s worth it for those who will use the device on a regular basis. If the vaporiser will be used frequently, it needs to be equipped to cope with that usage. Those on a budget who intend to use the vape infrequently may be better off with a budget-friendly option. These vaporisers work with dry material, and the vapour production can vary depending on the quality of herb used, as well as the oven type. When expelling vapour, do not expect the same amount you get from an E-cigarette or when smoking.

There can be many variables with the experience you have when using a dry herb vaporiser, and it’s important to manage your expectations and take the time to understand your chosen device. The flavour spectrum far surpasses smoking because nothing is burnt, rather just the oil from the plant is vaporised.

Check out our many vaporisers to find the right model for you. 

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