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In the 1800s, native tribes would record their history and legends on totem poles. Today we have ‘Totem’ vaporizers. Used not to record history, but to create it! We tested and reviewed the ‘Totem’ to see if it stacked up to its high claims. Is this affordable dry herb vaporizer worth investing in? Read on to find.


Design and Construction

The ‘Totem’ is a visually appealing vaporizer where sleek design meets effortless form. The ‘Totem’ brand is nicely embedded in this 11.8cm tall virtually indestructible handheld device. 

Internally engineered with a medical grade stainless steel vapor path, a ceramic bowl, and conduction heating technology, the ‘Totem’ certainly has all the makings of a great vaporizer on the inside.

On the outside, the ‘Totem has a 3-part, robust outer shell, constructed from high quality, superior silicone material, gifting the ‘Totem’ one of its unique features. 

Design Features


The developers at ‘Totem’ have created an incredibly sturdy vaporizer that is so resilient and tough, it can withstand everyday accidents, drops and slip-ups.


The exterior silicone connectivity was designed not only to withstand shocks but water also. A first in the vaping world, the ‘Totem’ is completely waterproof!


For a vaporizer in the lower price bracket, we were surprised by its high-quality performance. What struck us most was the intense, pure, flavorsome hits that this vaporizer offers. The clouds were decent but not massive which we thought was ideal for outdoors. If flavor and discretion are equally important to you then look no further than the ‘Totem’.

Stackable option

A unique feature of the ‘Totem’ is its ability to easily connect to other ‘Totem’ devices, thereby creating distinctly different experiences every time.

SMOOTH MODE Connect 2 or more devices together and heat only one chamber which will induce a hybrid heating method of both conduction and convection. This connection extension creates a longer vape path, allowing for the vape to cool twice as much before it hits your lips, giving you the smoothest, coolest, tastiest hits.

TOTEM MODE You can connect 2 OR MORE devices, but this time using opposite ends. With both chambers fully loaded and both turned on, you get double the hit, double the power and double the flavor. 

Tip: By putting different herb strains in each chamber AND heating each device at a different temperature you can create multiple, truly unique, vaping experiences. 

Ease of Use

Another great feature of the ‘Totem’ is its simplistic ease of use with one button control that both turns the device on and off and switches between temperatures.

Built-in ‘LED’ lights in the mouthpiece keep you in control, displaying which temperature you are on in real time, and the current battery life.

There is, of course, an instruction booklet included covering everything step by step.

Temperatures & Heating Times

The ‘Totem’ comes with 4 distinct temperatures for 4 distinguishable flavorsome experiences. Heating time is incredibly fast ranging from 30-60 seconds depending on your chosen temperature. At first, it will flash your chosen color, then, when fully heated and ready to use, it will remain on that color.

 Simple to use - Press the button until it reaches your desired color. 


356°F /  180°C


374°F / 190°C


392°F / 200°C


400°F / 210°C

Battery Life & Charging Times

The ‘Totem’ has a powerful 1350mAh, 3.7v battery and using the USB cable provided, fully charges in approximately 2 hours.

A full charge provides approximately 1 hour of vaping. More than enough for a gathering.

Low Battery is indicated when the light blinks rather than pulsating while heating up.

The ‘Totem’ comes with an ‘auto off’ function which turns the device off after 4 minutes of inactivity.


Cleaning is a must for every vaporizer on the market. Both to maintain a device’s longevity and to ensure there are no obstacles (leftover AVB herb) to a perfect draw. 

Cleaning the ‘Totem’, is thankfully, easier than most.

  • Use a cotton swab doused in isopropyl alcohol to clean the chamber/oven.
  • Soak the mouthpiece briefly in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Afterward and BEFORE you vape your next session, heat up the device to full heat to vape off any residual alcohol.  

Price & Value for money

To find a powerful, portable vaporizer at under £50 is exceptionally rare in the vaping world. The ‘Totem’ is such good value that you could get one for yourself and for someone else as a gift. The perfect excuse to then try out the stackable option. Perfect for any party!  


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