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Top 5 Tricks & Tips for the Mighty Vaporizer

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

The ‘Mighty’ vaporizer from German giants ‘Storz & Bickel’, is still the world’s undisputed, number one, dual-use vaporizer. With its precision temperature control, powerful hybrid heating system, and innovative cooling unit, the ‘Mighty’ continues to set the standard that all other vaporizers try to live up to.

Mighty Vaporizer

Admittedly, a device designed and engineered to such collaborated perfection does not need further tinkering. What is required, on the other hand, is what the vaping community is renowned for sharing useful hints and tips so that we can all get the most from this vape powerhouse. With that said, here are our ‘Top 5 Tricks & Tips’ to help you get the most from the ‘Mighty’!

Terpene Temperatures

Did you know there are over 20,000 aromatic terpenes in the plant kingdom? Many of our favorite herbs can contain over 200 and each one boils at a different temperature. So if you want to truly experience each unique individual flavor, whether it be a pine scent from pinene or lime from limonene, start vaping at low temperatures and increase slowly. Thankfully the ‘Mighty’ offers precise temperature control from 104°F to 410°F so you can taste each and every aromatic terpene that the herb offers. Here are a few examples of the most common herb terpenes and their boiling points:



Boiling Temperature
















Dosing Capsules

Storz & Bickel offer an incredibly convenient, budget-friendly magazine, that contains 8 dosing capsules for ‘on the go’ vaping. Simply fill the capsules with dried herb, place them back in the magazine and close the lid. When needed, remove a capsule, insert into the ‘Mighty’ chamber and vape. It is as easy as that. ‘Dosing Capsules’ offer discreet, efficient, and rapid access to vaping throughout the day. 

No emptying. No cleaning. No filling. No wastage. No hassle.

Mighty Dosing Capsules

Glass Water Tool

One of the ‘Mighty’s’, ‘fan favorite’ features, is the ability to connect it to a ‘Glass Water Tool’ using an ‘Adaptor’, both of which are available from Namaste.

Using its innovative cooling unit technology, the ‘Mighty’ provides smooth, cool draws. So the question is: Why does everyone in the vaping community invest in a glass water tool?  

Further Cooling: The simple act of passing vape through water provides even further cooling and filtration. A ‘Glass Water Tool’ offers you the coolest, smoothest, freshest tasting draws you are likely to ever experience especially at the high temperatures. 

Nostalgia & Novelty: Back in the days of combustion, a water tool was a fun, novel way of sharing herb at social gatherings that brought everyone together creating a fun atmosphere. Bring back the ‘Glass Water Tool’ and bring back the good old days 

Mighty Glass Water Tool

Autofill Tool

Every ‘Mighty’ vaporizer comes with an often overlooked, ‘Autofill Tool’, perfect for loading herb into the chamber efficiently and effortlessly. 

Instructions for use: 

Remove the mouthpiece from the ‘Mighty’. Remove the upper cap of the filling aid. Fill with ground herb and put the upper cap back on. Unscrew the lower cap of the filling tool. Attach the filling tool to the vaporizer and turn clockwise. Remove the upper cap, and plug in the center and fill the chamber through the opening using the plug. Replace the plug and the upper cap and remove from the device. Then replace the upper lid and the mouthpiece. 

Mighty Fill Aid

Mighty 12V Car Adaptor

The ‘Mighty’ contains two powerful lithium-ion batteries, which, when fully charged, provide approximately 90 minutes of vaping. The ‘Mighty’ also boasts a ‘Pass-Through Charging’ feature, which allows you to vape and charge all at the same time. 

But what about those of us who enjoy the great outdoors or who like to take long road trips where there are no charge outlets... Well, now you can charge your ‘Mighty’ in your CAR using the ‘12v car adaptor’ available from Namaste.  

Never run out of battery power ever again!! Never stop vaping. 

Mighty Car Adaptor


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