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Top 5 Concentrate Vapes of 2018

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

The Future is Concentrates: Top 5 Concentrate Vapes of 2018

The top 5 concentrate vapes of 2018 is a controversial thing to talk about: there are so many choices and so many fantastic concentrate vapes competing for the top spot it can be almost impossible to make a fair choice. But not to worry, this review has looked for the top 5 concentrate vapes of 2018 and we’ve searched through nearly every other concentrate vape on the market, just to be sure we have got it right.

First, What Makes a Good Concentrate Vape?

The world of vaping has changed a lot in the last 5 years, with new features, better batteries and an incredible increase in the quality of vapour from even the cheapest of portable vapes. The number of options has grown exponentially as well, making it difficult to choose what the right vape is for you. Here, the choices have been evaluated against a set list of features that a vape should have. There are a few qualities we are looking for when it comes to getting the top 5 concentrate vapes of 2018. These include battery life, speed of charging, weight, discretion, vape thickness, flavour, consistency, price, value, and versatility. That is a lot to look at, so it is understandable you would come here for your top 5 concentrates of 2018 reviews. Here we go.

At Number 5 – the Linx Hypnos Zero

Hypnos Zero Vape Pen

First impressions of this device are very positive. It is small, quite light, feels solid and cool with the brushed steel finish, and just looks really classy. It has a borosilicate mouthpiece and vapour path, a ceramic chamber and stainless steel construction. It feels good to handle and produces excellent clouds of tasty vapour at the 4 preset temperature levels. Heating up in 15 seconds, it is one of the fastest portable dab rigs out there and makes for extra discreet vaping if that is what you need.

Charging with USB, as is standard these days, it gives about 20 minutes continuous use from about 70 minutes charge time. This is not as good as some of the others on our list, but for such a small device with such power, it definitely makes a mark. It is only 10 cm tall and 2 cm in diameter, so it will slip into a pocket easily.

Good for: discreet, fast vapes, looking cool.

Not for: extended sessions, long trips out, big parties.

 At Number 4 – The Shatterizer

Shatterizer Vape Pen

A new name on the vaping market, Shatterizer have made waves in recent months with their powerful, efficient, and extremely tasty vaporizers. Stick a lump of shatter or wax in the heating chamber, wait 20 seconds for it to heat up and get vaping. The oven is small but can contain enough dab for a good long session, there is also a non-stick concentrates chamber for keeping your dab close at hand. 3 temperature settings and a dozen or so sessions make it a decently versatile machine.

An all glass air path makes the Shatterizer have one of the coolest hits in the portable dabbing market, and while the taste is still not as good as some, it is definitely up there with the best.

Good for: quality concentrate vape, longer battery life

Not for: it can be quite delicate.

At Number 3 – Grizzly Honey Dab

Grizzly Honey Dab


The vape from the Honey Dab is not the best, it should be said right here. This is a cheap, ultra-portable device that is designed for instant hits on the go, not intense sessions. So of course, given its tiny size, it wouldn’t produce the creamiest of vapour, but it does stand up for itself well.

There is no heat up time, just hold the button and it vapes right there and then. It costs under only £39, so is right at the bottom of the affordable vapes, but it is nicely made, if a little cheap feeling. The reason this beats some of the rest is that it presents good value. For a vaper on a budget, it is the one.

Good for: ultimate discretion, fastest vape in town

Not for: connoisseurs

At Number 2 – Kandypens Gravity

Kandypen Gravity

This is not a cheap vape pen but it is one of the best. The titanium coils and the 510 threaded battery (efficient and quick), combined with a quartz rod atomizer and quartz chamber make this a vape pen that has features of a much larger, more expensive concentrate vaporizer. There are 4 temperature options to choose from, a 0.5 gram capacity chamber and a lifetime warranty on the battery. For about £79, it should be good, but even at this price it represents excellent value.

The vape from this dabber is thick and creamy. It is flavoursome too, managing to avoid most of the problems with burnt tastes at the higher temperature. A classy piece of hardware.

Good for: quality vape on the go

Not for: your bank balance.

At Number 1 – Kandypens PRISM

Prism Kandypens

Yes, more Kandypens. They have found a formula that works. It is cheap, powerful, sleek looking and discreet. Oh, and it produces surprisingly good vapour. There are two atomizers available, giving an almost unparalleled portable vaping experience. This combines with the borosilicate glass mouthpiece, the unique heating system (something about sub-ohm, all we know is that it produces very, very fine tasting vape for a vape pen), and an extremely solid construction. The result is a vape pen that is discreet, charges quickly, does not break the bank and makes vaping very enjoyable.

There is a dual-quartz atomizer and a coilless ceramic atomizer, both give different vaping experiences. The quartz is slower in heating so gives a better flavour while the coilless ceramic gives quicker heat and bigger, thicker clouds of vapour. Each tastes great.

It can charge via lightning port or USB, highly convenient for quick charges and on-the go use (it will work as you charge it). The 4 preset temperatures are all well placed for various tastes and textures with whatever you want to vape.

Good for: high quality vapor wherever you want, budget shoppers

Not for: not much wrong with this device.


That is our top 5 concentrate vapes of 2018, hopefully it was enlightening and enjoyable. Choosing the right one for you could be difficult with so many different products and features to choose from. When looking for the right concentrates vape, think about what you want from it.

Are you in a country where smoking restrictions are increasing? Then discretion is probably the biggest factor for you. Are you beginning your vaping journey and want something that can get you on your way with no problems? Looking for the simpler and cheaper devices is probably the way to go.

If you are looking to replace your old vape pen and want an upgrade, you probably should look at the more expensive range for the additional features you might like. Did you break the last one? Then the more rugged (without glass pathways) devices are probably the ones for you.

There really is a choice for everyone, and choosing the top spot in this list was difficult because there are so many devices with different capabilities. The ones recommended here are all good for different reasons.

Of course, it is all a matter of opinion, so go try them if you want to find the best one, get to know your preferences and most of all, enjoy yourselves. That is why we vape, isn’t it?

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