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Introducing the New Zeus Vaporizers

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

German vape manufacturers ‘Zeus Arsenal’ have created two, dry herb portable vaporizers, looking to challenge the dominance of their fellow German competitors ‘Storz & Bickel’. The ‘Zeus Arc’, designed for the premium vaporizer market, comes with a stainless steel vape path, chamber, and unique heatsink technology. The ‘Zeus Arc GT’ boasts identical features, that are instead, GOLD plated, specifically designed for the luxury vaporizer market. So, did ‘Zeus’ reach mythical God-like status in the vaporizer market? Is the ‘GT’ version the golden goose for vaping enthusiasts? We tested them both to find out.

Zeus Arc Vaporizer

Design & Construction

‘Zeus’ has created a minimalist, dry herb vaporizer, designed with smooth elegant curves and an intuitive ‘LED’ colored lighting display. Both the ‘Arc’ and the ‘Arc GT’ are identical in appearance apart from the flush ‘GT’ logo displayed on the side of the ‘GT’ model. Both also contain a built-in magnetic tool. This ultra-compact device, at 9 cm tall, fits firmly, discreetly, and comfortably into the palm of your hand. Quite similar in appearance and function to the renowned ‘Davinci IQ’. Expertly engineered in Germany using anodized aluminum, with a sleek matte black finish, ‘Zeus’ has created a sturdy, scratch resistant vaporizer with a nice solid weight of 490g. A deep chamber sits under a silicone mouthpiece with the potential to hold up to .5g of dry herb. The original ‘Arc’ contains a stainless steel chamber, pathway, and heatsink, whereas the ‘GT’ version is upgraded to a gold plated chamber, pathway, and heatsink.


We were highly impressed by the immense potent flavor and cloud density both devices provided. ‘Zeus Arsenal’ deserve some recognition for creating such high-quality vaporizers that provide a heightened aroma and flavor comparable to portable vaporizers in the upper price range of the market. 

The vapor was incredibly smooth and ultra cool for both the ‘Arc’ and the ‘Arc GT’, albeit noticeably more in the ‘GT’ version, possibly due to golds more resilient nature and higher heat threshold. Both the ‘Arc’ and the ‘Arc GT’ have an intelligent conduction based heating system allowing vapor to enter the pathway, cool, then, just before it hits your lips, the remaining heat is trapped in the innovative heatsink. A clever design that ensures cool, smooth draws every time. The ‘Arc’s large chamber along with the perfectly calibrated unique airflow design, provides superior airflow for unrestricted, smooth draws.

Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

Ease of Use

Thankfully ‘Zeus’ has created an incredibly easy to use, functional device ideal for new users. 

  • Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the chamber.
  • Fill with dry herb but not too tight. Hold the built-in power button located at the top of the device for 2 seconds until it vibrates.
  • The LED Lights will begin to pulsate indicating the unit is heating up. You can cycle through the 3 heat settings by pressing the power button.
  • Fully heated the blue lights will turn green and you are ready to vape.

Accelerometer Feature

Both the ‘Arc’ and the ‘Arc GT’ have a unique feature known as the accelerometer that serves two purposes:

  • The accelerometer senses the user's movements as they draw from the device. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the accelerometer will begin to cool down the heating chamber saving both battery power and preserving your herb.
  • Shake the device and it will display the current battery life by displaying one to three LED lights for a low battery to full battery.

Temperature, Battery Life, & Heating Time

The ‘Arc’ and the ‘Arc GT’ have 3 heat settings delivered by a powerful 3500mAh battery.

A full charge takes approximately 2 hours from the ‘USB;’ cable provided, allowing for approximately 90 minutes of vaping.

Temperatures are easily navigated using the power button and clearly displayed on the ‘LED’ screen as either one, two or three lights depending on the chosen temperature.

Zeus Arc Vaporizer


Both the ‘Arc’ and the ‘Arc GT’ are impressive, high-end vaporizers sold at a mid-range price. 

Features like the haptic feedback, motion sensor accelerometer, and heatsink cooling give this dry herb vaporizer exceptional vaping qualities, similar to the ‘Mighty’ or a good desktop vaporizer. 

Both devices have built-in upgradeable firmware meaning future updates are only a download away. Zeus has offered a vaporizer that every vaping enthusiast should have in their collection.  


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