The Volcano - A Powerful Name for a Powerful Vape

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Volcano Classic Vaporizer - The Vape Everybody Loves

While everyone loves vaping on the go, if you're looking to enjoy a session at home alone or with friends the Volcano Classic Vaporizer is the one for you! This desktop wonder has had a long-standing reputation for being the best in the game and it's no surprise that it is still regarded as one of the top desktop vaporizers on the market today! It's volcano like profile is a true indication of is power and strength and you'd be crazy not to buy one! If you want to browse through the selection of desktop vaporizers we have Namaste, you can find them here. 

Volcano Classic Vaporizer


The Volcano Classic Vaporizer is built with precision engineering in Germany, creating a reliable, long lasting and incredibly efficient vaporizer that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Germany is known for their efficiency and the Volcano Classic Vaporizer is no exception!

With a wide heating chamber and reaching temperatures up to 226 degrees Celsius, not only does it hold a lot of your favorite dry herbs or concentrates, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer evenly heats your product using a convection heating system, giving you the best possible results and a truly unforgettable session! The temperature settings are controlled by an analogue dial, meaning you can set your desired temperature with a flick of the wrist rather than having to press a button multiple times just to access your heating settings!

The vapor quality is an area that the Volcano Classic Vaporizer thrives! With high potency and full flavors, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer, no matter how often you use it, will always deliver fantastic results. Depending on how finely you grind your herbs your vapor will be thick and full of flavor, and with a bit of trial and error you'll find what's best for you!


It's no surprise how the Volcano Classic Vaporizer got its name, its wide base and slimming top resembles the profile of a volcano. With high quality metal enclosing the product, not only does it improve its durability, but also gives it a high quality and elegant appearance. This solid and efficiently built vaporizer is an essential piece of kit in everyone's arsenal.

In our opinion here at Namaste, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer is one of our favorite desktop vaporizers in terms of style and appearance. Despite being introduced to the vaping community over ten years ago, it's evident that this piece will never go out of style.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer


Another area in which the Volcano Classic Vaporizer thrives is in its ease of use, take it from us we've seen all kinds of desktop vaporizers, but nothing compares to the Volcano Classic Vaporizer! Simply fill the bowl with your dry herbs, close the unit and attach the valve before turning on. Once you do that the balloon will fill up, once full of vapor, turn off the fan, attach the mouthpiece and enjoy!

As if that wasn't enough, cleaning and maintaining the Volcano Classic Vaporizer requires next to no effort! If you lightly brush out the herb chamber after each session and when you go for another session we promise you, it'll be just as good as your first.  


Storz & Bickel have gotten the reputation for creating high quality and long-lasting pieces of kit. Although you may think that the price is a little steep, take it from us you will get your money's worth and more back! Storz & Bickel focused on creating a high-quality product that met the needs of their customers and over a decade later it is still the most reliable and high performing desktop vaporizer on the market at the moment. So, what are you waiting for?  Get your very own Volcano Classic Vaporizer now!