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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dry Herb Vapes

Posted by Products Team on

The Ultimate Dry Herb Vaporizer Gift Guide

Black Friday, whether you love the idea or hate it, isn’t going anywhere any time soon. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to buy those special dry-vapers on your list a perfect Christmas gift at an amazing price? Stop feeding the capitalist machine so much of your hard earned money by choosing a portable or desktop dry vape from our ultimate gift guide below! If you need any more inspiration, check out Top 5 Dry Herb Vaporizer blog.

Our Ultimate Portable Dry Vapes

The only thing better than affordability is portability, wouldn’t you agree? So why not combine the two? And, if you’re absolutely clueless when it comes to the world of portable dry vapes, don’t worry. We’re here to lend you a helpful hand choosing the best quality portable dry vape without breaking the bank (we’ll even price them from low to high) and explain why these are the best of the best.

The Black Mamba Vaporizer (£36.99) - 

The worry with choosing a less expensive portable vape is of course that the quality of your choice will be somehow compromised. To say that the Black Mamba is the very best quality portable vape for the very best price around might even be an understatement. 

If you’re shopping for someone relatively new to the world of dry vaping and don’t want to go bankrupt supporting a hobby that they might decide isn’t for them, this vape is perfect for you. Why, you ask?

The Quick Description: 

Holding 0.65 g of dry herbs, the Black Mamba has an astounding 5 preconfigured temperature levels that range from 180 to 220 degrees celsius with an easy to use one button operation. The initial charge takes 3 hours and the battery capacity lasts for approximately 60 minutes with an initial heating time of about 20 seconds, and is compatible with USB chargers. Find out more on Should You Buy A Black Mamba

Why buy the Black Mamba:

Price aside, the Black Mamba is as powerful as it is compact, and great for beginners because of its simplicity and ease of use. And, with its attractive and tell-tale pear shaped body, it will make any audience envious. Featuring an all glass vapour path and mouthpiece, which means that your budding vape-pro will have no compromise with flavour, the Black Mamba is dedicated to making a dry vape that demonstrates the excellent benefits of this kind of vape at a price that won’t leave you regretting your choices.

 The Fury 2 Vaporizer (£109.99) - 

Created by the masterminds at HealthyRips, the Fury 2 (as the name suggests) is a powerful and compact portable vape. If you’re buying for someone fresh to the vaping community and want to make sure they can impress their peers, the Fury 2 might be the right gadget to go for. 

The Healthy Rips Fury 2

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you should be provided with a good understanding of why, exactly, you are doing so. Well, the Fury 2 combines two types of heating, convection and conduction, to create a thick and silky smooth vapour full of flavour. Oh, and you can vape both dry herbs and concentrates. Not to mention it packs a lot of power into a super portable package!

The Quick Description: 

With a great chamber capacity of at least .175g and wide temperature range of 160 to 220 degrees celsius, at only 136 grams and dimensions barely spanning 50x27.3x81 mm, this little vape might seem small, but don’t let looks deceive you. Simple to use with three easy clicks to turn it on and three to turn it off, USB charging compatibility, and a food grade stainless steel chamber, the Fury 2 is the perfect combination of quality material and performance.

Why Buy the Fury 2:

The Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer Set

This vape is super portable, powerful, and ideal for someone who knows that power in a compact package is what they need. It could make the perfect gift for a special someone who desires excellence but might be a bit unsure of what exactly they need. Oh, did we mention that it also comes with a 1 year warranty, on the off chance something isn’t working to absolute perfection? 

The Arizer ArGo Vaporizer (£152.24) - 

Arizer Argo Vaporizer Set

It fits in your pocket, it’s luxuriously high tech, and it’s the perfect mid-price dry herb vape for someone who won’t settle for anything less than the best. Arizer is a brand that has fully succeeded in establishing itself as top or the line, and this portable vape only furthers its excellent reputation. 

So what sets Arizer apart? Well, there’s a lot of high tech loveliness packed into something you can literally carry comfortably in your pocket. In a market where products are fighting constantly to stand out, Arizer does so with an ease and grace that won’t leave you too poor to afford a nice Christmas goose.

The Quick Description: 


Although it does not have the versatility of the Fury 2 in terms of what you can vape (in this case only dry herbs), the ArGo puts all its energy into creating a perfectly luxurious experience.

With a temperature range between 50-220 degrees celsius (with a 1 degree incremental temp control) and a storage capacity of .20 g, you’ll be ready to go after an initial charging time of 1-3 hours and a heat up time of 30-60 seconds with a battery life of 60 minutes. Boasting some high-tech materials, like it’s ceramic heating chamber and Borosilicate glass mouthpiece, the ArGo is 96 grams of total sophistication that can fit in the palm of your hand, and with a 2 year warranty, you’re guaranteed to be protected in case something isn’t entirely perfect.

Why Buy the ArGo:

If the dry vaper on your list is a bit of a connoisseur and won’t settle for anything less than a brand with an excellent reputation, the ArGo is a great option. With a rapid heating element that sits right below the mouthpiece, the ArGo demonstrates how Arizer has perfected the fine art of a rapid heat up time and a pure, flavourful vaping experience. With a reputation for excellence in a market with new technologies and products ceaselessly attempting to dethrone it, Arizer proves with the ArGo that it’s not about to be concerned about the competition. Check out The Year of the Arizer Vapes

The Crafty Vaporizer (£194.99) -

The Crafty vaporizer is another vaporizer to come from German expert creators, Storz & Bickel, who have perfectly combined innovative technology and sound engineering to create a portable vape that is going to knock the Christmas socks off your tech-savvy dry vaper. 

The Crafty Vaporizer Set With Working App Temperature Control

The Crafty is used for dry herbs and concentrates and is controlled seamlessly with the touch of a button. And if that little elf on your list loves apps, worry not! The Crafty can be controlled remotely via a Bluetooth app from a phone and even notifies you when it’s ready through a Haptic Vibration Alarm. 

The Quick Description:

Vaporizing both dry herbs and concentrates, the Crafty uses both convection and conduction heating methods with a controllable temperature range of between 40 and 210 degrees celsius (with 6 temp settings controllable via app) and a 2 minute heat-up time. With a chamber capacity of .25 grams and weighing in at a miniscule 136 grams, this dry vape is small but very, very smart. Not only compatible with Smartphones, Androids, and IOS, the Crafty flaunts all kinds of other techy functions, such as self-cooling, stand-by, vibration/LED alerts, and the ability to function during charging. And you can be sure these great features are protected with a 2 year warranty.

Why Buy the Crafty:

Storz & Bickel exemplify German engineering, using high tech materials like stainless steel and ceramic as well as high tech functionality to create an advanced vaping experience. This vape has a lot to offer if the person you’re gifting it to is keen on a hands on, tech-tacular vape connoisseur who is itching to create an ideal vaping experience with the help of some super advanced technologies. 

Our Ultimate Desktop Dry Vapes

If you are looking for a sophisticated dry vape for someone who is more interested in the sanctity and ritual of the ideal vaping experience, might we interest you in a desktop vape? These vapes are not really meant for portability, but this is no shortfall, as they instead focus on creating a truly magical vaping experience meant to be enjoyed from the comforts of home. So let’s take a look at the very best (again priced low to high) and briefly explore why they’re so amazing.

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer (£129.99)

One of the very best desktop vapes for the price, Arizer again demonstrates its dedication to affordability without sacrificing even a molecule of vaping quality. Besides looking super stylish with its chrome finish and stainless steel exterior, this desktop vape is designed to be easy enough for any beginner to use while sophisticated enough to entice any expert of the desktop vaping community.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Quick Description:

Easy and straightforward to use, this desktop vape plugs into your wall socket (so you don’t have to worry about charging times) and uses convection heating to heat up to .50 grams of dry herbs with easy to control temperature levels ranging from 50 to 260 degrees celsius. With a quick initial heat up time of 2 minutes, you’ll be ready for a great vaping experience at home in no time. A glass and ceramic heating chamber ensures that your vapour is as thick and luscious as Santa’s beard, and an analog thermometer for total temperature control to keep your vape perfectly warm on cold winter nights, this desktop vape is a perfect Christmas gift.

Why buy the Arizer Extreme Q:

This desktop vape is perfect for your dry vape beginner, and won’t leave you penniless during this especially tight time of year. The Arizer Extreme Q is an established desktop vape whose excellence can only be matched by its ease of use. This vape does not have a lot of extra gadgetry, and that’s because it doesn’t have to. It works perfectly without having to consult any online tutorials and it has, as Arizer as a brand has, proven that great quality does not have to cost a pretty penny. Check out Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air 2 vs Arizer Extreme Q blog to get educated!

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer (£207.00) - 

As we grow in price, of course it is reasonable to assume that we also grow in quality. And while no desktop vape on this list lacks the latter, some certainly distinguish themselves as greats amongst greats. The Silver Surfer, wickedly awesome name aside, has individually blown glass components (provided by their manufacturer, 7th Floor) for a unique, and profoundly excellent vaping experience. Not only does the 7th Floor provide a range of customized options, but offers a unique reverse 90-degree angle design (prevents your blend from falling out of the wand) and the force of gravity to effectively vaporize your most cherished dry herbs. 

The Quick Description:

Besides looking deliciously high-tech, this top-of-the-line whip-style vaporizer is made in Colorado Springs, and has a wealth of options to customise your vaping experience. Users can select from a wide variety of designs, colors and heating cover possibilities. The Silver Surfer Vaporizer’s heating element is completely encased in ceramic and stand alone from its electronic elements to ensure no toxic contamination, and temperature control is easily adjustable and easily demarcated.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Set

Why buy the Silver Surfer:

Besides the given features including its high-quality ceramic heating element, reverse 90 degree angle design, custom glass knob and heater cover, and 3 year warranty, the Silver Surfer comes in a few different colours including black and silver. This desktop vape is going to make the quality perfectionist, and the style enthusiast, on your list jump for joy.

 The Volcano Digit Vaporizer (£372.00) - 

Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit Vaporizer Set

Storz & Bickel have done it again, making what is arguably the best and most popular desktop dry vape around. The Volcano has an illustrious history. Being one of the first fully electric desktop dry vapes, it shot to superstardom and hasn’t budged a bit since. Sound engineering, ease of use, and consistent vape quality have etched this vape into the collective consumer consciousness. If you’re looking for legendary perfection, this is pretty darn close.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit Vaporizer Set

The Quick Description:

When I say easy to use, I definitely mean easy to use. The Volcano is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates and can hold up to .75 grams and a temperature range between 50 and 230 degrees celsius. As with any desktop vape, the Volcano uses your power supply to operate and allows the user full digital temperature control. You’ll be ready to vape in 3 minutes, and can bask in the glory of the Vocano’s lovely stainless steel finish while you wait. With a straightforward, large LED display and automatic shut off, this vape does not need any superfluous features to help it reach perfection. Read our reviews on the fantastic Volcano Vape here

Why Buy the Volcano Digit:

If you are looking for a vape that at a glance is the best of its class and highly recommended, or a vape that has a virtually spotless reputation, the Volcano will not let you, or your very lucky giftee, down. Perfect for any vaper who is looking for a trustworthy, and boastable, brand, or for the high use vaper who is looking for quality and consistency in terms of vapour and durability. 

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer (£410.00) - 

VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer Set

For the artisan, VapeXhale has created what could be described as the Michelin Star quality desktop vape. With an impeccably sound design, this stylish kit comes topped off with one of their own hand-crafted artisanal glass HydraTubes, transforming a desktop vape into a veritable, unique work of art. The combination of uniqueness, flawless design, and (let’s face it) beauty has made this vape the envy of any connoisseur. 

The Quick Description: 

Designed for use with both concentrates and dry herbs, the Evo vape has succeeded in making a reputable name for itself in the desktop vape market, to say the least. Using a convection based heating system for dry herbs, the Evo provides an even distribution of heat throughout its stainless steel chambers. This patented PerpetuHeat Thermal Technology, combined with a fully adjustable temperature control between 93 and 260 degrees celsius, means that the user can ensure their material is heated accurately and concisely. Paired with the full glass air path, each Evo vape comes complete with your own choice of HydraTube, with a sandblasted VapeXhale decal. Each piece has been hand-crafted to provide the user with the smoothest moisture conditioned vapes possible.

Why Buy The VapeXhale Cloud EVO:

If you want to purchase the absolute king of desktop vapes, this is the way to go. Technologically sound, with a range of HydraTubes to choose from, this desktop vape is arguably the most sophisticated piece of kit out there, and worth any penny. Meant for an experienced user who can fully appreciate the astounding features and quality of this vape, think of it as the finest of whiskies, only truly appreciated by the expert who has the background knowledge to know why it’s the best of the best.

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