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The Ultimate Best Seller Comparison

Posted by Namaste Products on

Namaste Vapes UK Black Friday BannerAre you looking for the best of the best for that vaper or smoker in your life this holiday season? Do you have absolutely no idea where to start looking, or, worse yet, what you’re even looking for? Well then this is the guide for you! 

We’re going to put the big guns, heavyweights, and titans from the worlds of portable vapes, desktop vapes, and rosin presses against each other in the ultimate best seller comparison. When you pair great ratings with a comparison of the two best products out there, there’s no way that even the most clueless, kindhearted gift giver could make a choice that doesn’t please.

So, let us help you help yourself with a bit of good old fashioned comparison showdown-ery. Below we will pair the two best selling products from our most popular brands against each other and give you a rundown of why they’re spectacular sellers, and who comes out on top.

Portable Vapes

Round 1

Pax - Pax 2 vs. Pax 3

Pax 2 vs Pax 3 Vaporizer Comparison - Ultimate Best Seller Comparison Blog

The upgraded version of the Pax 2, the Pax 3, has a fancy new design, but does this make it better? Well, there have been some excellent hardware upgrades and Pax 3 App introductions that really can’t go ignored. One major hardware upgrade is that the Pax 3 can vape both dry herbs and concentrates/oils, and comes with all the kit needed to do so. The battery has also gone from a 3000mAh to a 3500mAh, which means the heat up time for the Pax 3 is faster than its predecessor. The Pax 3 lip-sensing technology has been refined, while the internal accelerator has jumped in power.

And did we mention the App? available for iOS and Android, the app puts the power in your hands. Control temperature settings, new features,  new heating profiles, and LED brightness levels. Play built-in Pax 3 exclusive games, lock your vape wherever and whenever, and install hardware upgrades at a pinch. For more information on how to use the the Pax 3, check out how to use a Pax 3.

So who takes the prize, and does this match up with what the best seller of the two is? Well, we’ve gotta give the Pax 2 a consolation prize on this one, both in terms of superior product and seller ratings. The Pax 3 has proven that some upgrades really do improve a product, and our customers agree. It’s excellent performance, increased power, and nifty new app technology, not to mention a 10 year warranty, have captivated our sellers and ourselves!

Round 2

Storz & Bickel - Mighty vs. Crafty

Storz & Bickel Mighty Vs Crafty - Ultimate Best Seller Comparison Blog

Ding ding! Let me introduce the heaviest of the heavyweights from the powerhouse of Storz & Bickel. The brand itself is a formidable force to be reckoned with, so who is the champion among champions, the Mighty or the Crafty? And does our populace agree, or will we have another fight on our hands?

The Mighty and Crafty are cut from the same cloth. Same design, same chamber size, a shut-off timer. But, the Mighty, as you can assume, is the bigger of the two and the Crafty is small and smart. That being said, the Mighty has all the advantages of a bigger device: 2 lithium ion batteries, a big LCD screen, and the ability to be used while being charged. That is, the Mighty is your Luxury Sedan.

Your little sports car, then, is the Crafty. Smaller means more portable, and in terms of a small vape, the Crafty takes the cake. Also using lithium ion batteries, the Crafty heats up super quickly for a smaller vape. And, as with most little sports cars, the Crafty has some nice high tech finishes that make it well worth another consideration. This comes in the form of an App, of course. The app allows the user to set the Crafty’s 2 temperature settings at whatever they would like them to be.

This is a tough one. Storz & Bickel will make quality products, and that’s that. What you choose in terms of the Crafty or Mighty really might just come down to preference and what you intend to use your vape for. If you’re looking for something clever and compact, the Crafty is for you. But, if you desire more power and the accessibility of a fancy LCD screen, the Mighty is the best bet. So what does the public think? Which one sells better? 


I’m afraid the prize this time has to go to the Mighty. It seems like our buyers prefer power, and everything this can offer in terms of vaping experience, over the more compact Crafty. But, I must say, this was a close race right to the very end. If your not craving more of an in depth reviews of the Mighty Vs Crafty? Check out - The Mighty vs The Crafty - S&B Brother vs Brother 

Round 3

Arizer - Arizer Solo 2 vs. Arizer Air 2

The Arizer Solo II & Air II Comparison - Ultimate Best Seller Comparison Blog

Offering excellent and consistent quality, Arizer is an instantly recognisable name in the world of vaping. Created using high quality materials and a load of excellent technology, Arizer makes a durable and strong vape that will not need replacing any time soon. Their vapour quality is also great, in no small way thanks to that great technology and base material. But if we take a look at the two most popular Arizer vapes out there, the Arizer Solo 2 and the Arizer Air 2, which one comes out the better machine, and does this reflect what sells the best?


Well, the Solo 2 has 3 hours battery life but the initial charging time is also 3 hours. The Air 2 only has 90 minutes of battery life, but comes with an extra battery that can be ready and waiting. Quite similar in terms of ease of use and portability, both the Solo 2 and the Air 2 demonstrate why Arizer hasn’t ever really had any complaints in these areas.


The Air 2 is 90 grams heavier than the Solo 2, weighing in at 300 grams while the Solo 2 weighs in at 210 grams. So, if like many vapers out there who prefer portability over durability when it comes to their portable vapes, the Solo 2 may be preferable. And, indeed, the vapour quality of the Solo 2 might also win out. Although both vapes provide an excellent, full bodied vapour and huge clouds, the Air 2 does not seem to keep the flavour as long without turning.


And, the public agrees. The Solo 2 is the better seller of the two Arizer big guns, although again it’s pretty close. The Solo 2’s excellent vapour quality makes it the more popular in the end, and demonstrates how integral it is to have a great vapour when weighing up your vaping options. Check out Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air 2 vs Arizer Extreme Q.

Desktop Vapes

Round 1 - Storz & Bickel - Plenty Vaporizer vs. Volcano Digit

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vs The Volcano Digit - Ultimate Best Seller Comparison Blog

Moving swiftly along, let’s weigh up our champions of the desktop, those big guys known for producing giant clouds and great vapour quality. Another white-knuckle battle, Storz & Bickel have some awesome contenders in the battle of the best desktop vape. So, no need to go over why this brand is such a mammoth player in the vaping world, let’s get down to the fun stuff.

The design of these vaporizers is, maybe a bit strangely, very dissimilar. The Volcano is large and in charge, while the Plenty is smaller and more portable. The Volcano is a classic desktop model in every sense of the word: Large, durable, and perfectly fit for purpose. An LED display lights up the front of the Volcano and is simple to decipher, as well as simple to use. But, of course, that size comes at a price, literally. The Volcano is pricier, and not exactly portable.

The Plenty, on the other hand, is quite portable for something that falls into the category of a desktop vape, smaller in size and even flaunting a handle. Made from the same food grade materials, the Plenty does not let its small stature equal a lack of quality. The Plenty is a whip-style vape, allowing the user to take direct hits from the machine, and it heats up super quickly.

Both vaping devices are compatible with concentrates and dry herbs, both have amazing temperature control, and both flaunt a brand name that means business. So which takes the top prize? As with any Storz and Bickel vape, it’s an insanely close call. If you prefer more portability and a new-age appearance, the Plenty might be better for you, but if you’re a desktop traditionalist who won’t settle for anything less than perfect, the Volcano is the way to go. And, it seems that the public may lean towards the side of traditionalists in this case! The Volcano is the better seller, and although less popular, the Plenty still has...plenty… to offer.

Round 2

Arizer - Arizer V-Tower vs. Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer V-Tower Vs Extreme Q Comparison - Ultimate Best Seller Comparison Blog

So, without raving any further about why we like Arizer so much (excellent and consistent quality, high quality materials, great technology), let’s take a look at their best players in the desktop arena, the V-Tower and Extreme-Q. Very similar in appearance, both the V-Tower and Extreme-Q are lightweight desktop vapes but formidable desktoppers in the world of vaping. With the same design, weight, height, and display functionality, they are twins in appearance. But does this hold for their functionality as well?

Maybe not! One main internal difference is that the V-Tower is a whip only vaporizer, while the Extreme Q is a dual vape, offering whip style vaping as well as balloon. In fact, there’s all kinds of things on the inside of the Extreme Q that make it pretty spectacular. As opposed to the V-Tower, the Extreme has a built in fan (allowing for vapour collection in a balloon) that can assist with a drag while you use the whip, and that can be adjusted between three speed settings. 

For all of this excellent new functionality, the Extreme is simply the better choice between two excellent machines. So what does the customer base have to say? Well, exactly the same thing, it seems. The Extreme Q is the more popular choice, demonstrating that it’s versatility is certainly something desired by the desktop vaping community. Read our blog on Best Desktop Vaporizers 2018 to see what comes out on top.

Rosin Presses

Round 1

Rosinbomb - Rosinbomb Rocket vs Rosinbomb Super Rosin Press

Rosinbomb Rocket Vs Rosinbomb Super Rosin - Ultimate Best Seller Comparison Blog

OK, so what exactly is a rosin press? Rosin is a fully melted concentrate derived and extracted without the use of solvents and can be dabbed, vaped, or added to edibles. Unlike some shatters and waxes, it has no trace of hydrocarbons. A rosin press extracts rosin for you, using heat and pressure to force the trichome heads of dry herbs to liquefy. Rosinbomb is a family run business originating in the USA, and have quickly made a name for themselves creating the best presses around.


So when it comes to the best of a great lot, who wins? Well, the Rosinbomb Rocket is portable-ish, as far as rosin presses go anyways. Weighing only 6kg, it could potentially be transportable. The Rocket is user-friendly, too! After a ten minute heat up time, it’s easy to adjust the temperature and load your filter bags with dry herb. And in another two minutes your rosin should be totally extracted and ready to go, the whole process only taking about 15-20 minutes. Offering 1500 lbs (about 680kg or 107 stone) of pressure on a small setup, this press is super strong for its smaller stature.


As you can imagine then, the Super Rosin Press, with its bigger build, packs a bit more of a punch than the Rocket. Less portable, surely, the Super makes up for it in brawn, offering more pressure than the Rocket (4.5 TONS. Yes, tons - over 4500kg), you get a stronger, better quality press. However, with this intense functionality comes a bit of a bigger price tag, and couldn’t really be a spur of the moment purchase, but more of an investment for someone who will be sure to use it for years to come.


So what does the public say? It turns out the Rocket, with it’s smaller stature as well as its smaller price, is the crowd favourite. The Super, although boasting some insane quality, might not be feasible for everyday use, and may belong to that specialist market alongside fine whiskeys and wines. Check out Rosinbomb Rocket Vs Super Rosin Press- Who Comes Out on Top?

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