The Totem is Top of the Pile!

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A Powerful Vaporizer

The Totem Vaporizer is now available here at Namaste Vapes UK. This is a PRESALE, which means there are only 100 units available, so when they're gone, they're gone! 

We all love a bit of novelty and there’s nothing more exciting than an innovative, fun product that pushes the margins of design. Not only is it fun for us, but it can also force other vape manufacturers to review their own designs, rather than rest on their laurels.

The Totem vaporizer is an exciting new vaporizer, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It is sleek, tough and compact, ideal for beginners and those looking for a simple portable vape that won’t let them down.

Totem Vaporizer

Unbeatable Battery Life

The Totem is a simple vaporizer that goes a long way thanks to its powerful battery. When you’re out and about, rest assured that it won’t let you down. Not only that but the sturdy construction of the Totem means that it will outlast nearly any other competitor. If you’re the type of person who appreciates a solid piece of kit, this is the one for you.

Totem Vaporizer

Fun and Unique Design

The fun and original design of the Totem is its real stand-out feature. It is a discreet, durable package, wrapped in shock-proof silicone. It features an attractive LED, that lets you know the status of your vape experience. 

One of its most interesting and fun features is that it can stack with other Totem units to make a sort of gestalt double-vape. When two Totems are stacked, they become a convection vape that gives you DOUBLE the hit.

Totem Vaporizer

Easy to Use

At first, the Totem Vaporizer might seem to be somewhat complicated, but it is incredibly simple to use. Even for total vape novices, the Totem is a cinch.

That ease of use is further augmented by the wealth of resources online. Using this vape is intuitive, and to activate it just tap the power button once. Then keep an eye on the color of the LED to see what the status of its heating system is.

Totem Vaporizer

To clip two together, just remove the silicone base cap on one, remove the mouthpiece of the other, and push them together. Simplicity itself!