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The Rise And Continuous Rise of Vaporizers UK

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Vaporizers are leading the charge towards the dawn of a healthy new age in the smoking and herbal industry where people will no longer have to draw thousands of chemicals  into their lungs with each draw of a cigarette or a joint.  Nowadays there is a healthier alternative available in the form of electronic vaporizers and this technology was first made available way back in 1963. 

Dry Herb Vaporizers

At the time a man named ,Herbert A Gilbert from Pennsylvania,  filed a patent for a "smokeless non tobacco cigarette."    The product worked by heating up a nicotine solution which was made into a steam and then smoked through another device that he had invented. When he'd invented the vaporizer Gilbert began trying to market it as a cheaper healthier version to cigarettes.  But nobody was interested in the vaporizer and so Gilbert was left to enjoy the benefits of his new device all by himself. 

But half a century on an entrepreneurial Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik began exporting his own electronic device   And when Cigarettes where banned in public places in the UK and throughout the world e-cigarettes and vaporizers began to explode in popularity.In 2013, for example, e-cigarette's and vaporizers surged in popularity, resulting in a three-fold increase over the previous year.  Financial analysts have projected that sales of vaporizers are projected to rise to nearly 15 billion globally

Investment bank Goldman Sachs  have projected that vaporizers  are going to be one of the biggest selling products within the next few generations with sales and profits expected to sky rocket. It isn't too hard to see the  reason for this incredible growth with vaporizers offering a healthier and more efficient alternative to what we may currently be familiar with. Vaporizers allow you to receive all of the antioxidant properties of your herbs whilst at the same time avoiding some of the poisons that you might find in a traditional joint.

No longer will people have to contend with Cigarettes being smuggled in from some obscure country- at least with these vaporizers you'll know the type of products that you're going to be smoking.  In many ways vapes are at the forefront of an evolution in the smoking and herbal industry's. Over the generations, as time and machine has moved on with modern advances, one of the mainstays has been the traditional method of smoking which has seemed stuck in a time machine.  With the advent of vaporizers the savage primitive origins of smoking are  becoming more contemporary, slick, and advanced.

Vaporizers in the present day

It seems that finally smoking has gotten in sync with present day advances. Like the evolution of mankind from savage Neanderthal  to modern man, smoking apparatuses seem to be on a similar course of evolution, to something more sleek and accomplished, providing you with a healthy and nutritious shot of vapes along the way. Nowadays, having a vaporizer has become almost like a must have fashion accessory which allows you to avoid the smelly and pervasive smell of traditional methods of enjoying your herbs.

Of course, many so called health organizations have tried to state that vaporizers are bad for you, that there is chemicals in them etc, but you must take into consideration that there are vested interests at play here, these organizations are more concerned with their own revenue then they are with your health. Anyone who would be naïve enough to believe that large tobacco firms are telling the truth about vaporizers would have to be gullible in the extreme. These are the same organizations that tried to state that tobacco was good for you when thousands of people where contracting cancer.  

The truth is vaping is the cleaner and healthier way to enjoy your smoke and this fact is backed up by scientific evidence. A report published by the English Health agency  concluded that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are 95% less harmful than traditional smokes. Other experts have gone on to state that vaporizers could lead to a massive reduction in a whole host of illnesses. Once the carcinogenics of tobacco are removed from the equation then this will lead to massive overall health improvements.  

And with a huge body of evidence that seems to be building by the day which states that natures herbs are good for you- acting as an antidote to a whole host of illnesses the future of vaping seems to be very bright indeed. Lately, there seems to be a rush amongst governments of the world to recognize the efficacy of herbal products in treating illnesses and this has led to legalization of the herb in many nations. Whilst there still is draconian unfair laws in place in the UK, the fact that these herbs are proving to be indisputably beneficial, this could lead to a liberalization of the laws.   

Overall, it seems that the day of the joint will soon be drawing to a close.  Whilst there have been many memorable experiences with the traditional method it does seem that a new era is upon us where the joint will become a thing of the past. The joint will become the equivalent of a horse and cart and the vaporizer will be something akin to Lamborghini looking elegant and sleek as it speeds past all of the opposition.  The simple fact is that vaporizers are cleaner, more efficient, healthier, and overall they offer you a better value experience than from what you might receive from the traditional methods.

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