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The Pax 3 is Compatible with Concentrates

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

The Pax 3 Vaporizer by Pax Labs is one of the most outstanding vaporizers ever to hit the market and it is a device which is leading the way in cutting edge revolutionary vaporizing technology. With the vaporizer market moving forward, changing, and adapting at such a hectic pace Pax Labs seem intent on keeping ahead of the game by producing a vaporizer that can not only vape dry herbs, but also concentrates.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

One of a kind

The Pax 3 exudes a sense of class and style. The device looks very similar to the Pax 2 Vaporizer. One of the Pax 3 strong points is its ability to vape concentrates. The Pax Vapour app gives you the option to tailor the vaporizer to suit your specific needs. The app facilitates you with an option to change the temperature down to the last degree. The vaporizer also comes supplied with games that you can play via the app, but if we're being honest, people don't buy the Pax 3 to play games they buy the Pax 3 because of it's outstanding quality.

Conduction Heating

The vaporizer uses conduction heating technology, which is a heating mechanism that warms up the walls of the oven.  One of the main improvements of the Pax 3 is the heat-up time, it only takes a matter of seconds. The Pax 3 heat-up time is under 20 seconds, and at this rate its far superior to most other vaporizers. 

Pax 3 Vaporizer

How to does it work

One of the strong points of the vaporizer is the tremendous vapour quality. In order to get the best from your Pax 3, breath deep and a strong stream of vapour will enter your lungs. If you draw too fast the vapour production can be of poor quality and if you draw too slow the vapour can be too hot. It's all about finding the right balance to suit your own specific needs and desires. You shouldn't expect large clouds of vapour when you exhale, but instead you should expect smaller more efficient puffs. This allows the Pax 3 to be discreet. 

And so, the big question is how does the Pax 3 operate when it comes to concentrates?  You'll be very surprised at the vapes overall efficiency and potency when in relation to concentrates. Unlike many vaporizers which fail to live up to their expectations, as this little beauty will far surpass your expectations.

Vaping concentrates

The concentrate insert on the Pax  3 will hold a smaller amount of concentrate, we recommend you load a dab up roughly the same size as a grain of rice. If you load too much it just doesn't work quite as well. The smaller the amounts the better the flavour, if a large amount is loaded into the chamber your material will burn faster.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Overall, The Pax 3 performs very well with concentrates and the device will surely impress you. If you prefer to use concentrates rather than dry herbs then the Pax 3 is the perfect vape for you. The simple fact is that the Pax 3 is one of the best vaporizers available on the market. A sleek and professional looking design is more than matched by the quality of the vape. The Pax 3 will deliver vapour that is strong, clean, and crisp. 

When you operate the vape with your dry herbs you'll soon discover that the performance is very similar to that of the original Pax. The benefits of the new device is that you'll have extra control over the temperature, and so, you'll be able to adjust the settings as you see fit.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day the big question is whether the Pax 3 is worth an upgrade from the Pax2? And the answer to this question is yes, yes, and yes! The Pax 3 is a device which improves upon the Pax 2 in nearly every way providing you with new improved features, smaller size, reliability,  and a vape which excels in itself and excels in its overall productivity.

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