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The Mighty Vaporizer Review

Posted by Kory Zelickson on

Hey guys, this is Kory from NamasteVapes. Thanks for tuning in today. I am very excited to be talking to you about the Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel. This is a German made product. It's obviously very, very high quality. It's a company that was famous for the original Volcano. The Volcano digital in the classic, and the Plenty. Then after many years of product development they've come out with the Mighty, and then they have the Crafty, which is the smaller counterpart to this unit. I've rated this as my number one choice for a portable vaporizer for a good reason, because it produces vapor like no other portable I've seen. It's comparable, I would say, to the vapor production of a desktop unit, which is really uncommon.

The Mighty Vaporizer

This is a fully convection-based unit. Again, it is extremely high quality, it works very well. Presently my number one choice for portable vaporizers. I'm really excited about this product. I'm excited to do the review with you guys, and show you all about it. We're going to get into some more details, do a demonstration, and then I'm also going to show you how you can use your Mighty, or your Crafty, with our 14 millimeter adapter to use it with a water tool for extra filtration. Thanks guys, and let's get into.

Here's what you get in the box. Let's start, you have the Mighty box here. Then you have your instruction manuals, they provide one in English and German with the quick start guide as well. Then for the accessories you have a cleaning brush, which is very useful. I highly recommend that you brush out the chamber after every use. It's going to avoid long term buildup, and it will ensure the best performance of your vaporizer. Here you have replacement O-rings. There are several parts that have O-rings in them, that if you need a replacement they supply you with in the box.

The Mighty Vaporizer

Then you have your replacement screens, and you have a concentrate pad, which is a really great product. If you want to use your vaporizer with concentrates, waxes, oils, E-juices, E-liquids, anything like that really you can put those materials into this, and basically put this right into your chamber, and it will vaporize your concentrates, essential oil products that way.

Then you have your two part herb mill grinder that they provide. It's similar to what they provide with all the Volcano products. It's not overly complicated, but it does the job. This is really interesting. This is a filling aid. This basically connects directly to the chamber when you remove the mouthpiece. It allows you to fill the chamber really easily without any spilled materials. It basically does a proper, perfect packing for you every time. At first, I was unsure about using this, but after the first time trying it I can see why they have this. I will show you how that works. Let's move these up over here so you can see the Mighty itself, right there.

This is the Mightyunit. It's made from very high quality, it's plastic, but it's very high quality, it feels solid. Again, this is made in Germany, these products are extremely high quality. The Mighty is quite a bit bigger than the Crafty, but it has twice the battery life. You can see here the batteries internally are contained on the sides of the unit. Then you have your heater chamber section here. This is where the air is drawn in through the convection unit. Again, this vaporizer is purely convection-based, so you get awesome flavor, and excellent vapor production with it. It means that you don't have to fully pack the chamber at all times. You can use smaller packs, half packs, and it works just as well.

The Mighty Vaporizer

To turn the unit on there's a power button on the side. You press it for like a second, and it turns on. You've got your set temperature there. You can see that rising. Your set temperature at 185, it's heating up. I'm going to shut it off to show you how to use the packing chamber.

This top piece here, this is where the mouthpiece is, this slides up, so you can rotate this around every direction as you need. The entire top section of this twists and pops off like that. That exposes your heating chamber here. As I was explaining, because it's a convection-based unit, you really don't need to fully pack the chamber like you do with a lot of the conduction-based vaporizers.

The way to use the filling chamber, you unscrew it, take the cap off, and then this bottom piece off. This is designed specifically to lock in place on here. You set it down and rotate, and twist in place. Then you can pack your materials into the little funnel.

You have nothing spilling outside of the unit this way, so it's really a great design. You can pack them in, and then this tool that they have with it, basically goes in and pushes everything down nicely. When you unscrew it, it comes off, and you have a perfectly loaded chamber.

The Mighty Vaporizer

To put the top back on here, this is the top piece, the underside of it where you can see the screen built in. This entire piece disassembles into three parts for cleaning, which is really convenient. That's the main area that you're going to want to maintain and clean on a regular basis, because you will see the most residue and buildup in here.

This goes back in place, twists like that, and then you turn the unit on. It will automatically begin heating. I have this set to 185 Celsius, which is a temperature I usually will choose with most vaporizers. If you're in Fahrenheit, you can change that, press the two buttons at the same time, and it flips over to Fahrenheit. I'm going to put it back and leave it on Celsius.

The Mighty Vaporizer

The unit has a one minute shut off, so when you're vaporizing if it's not active, you're not taking a draw, or using any of the controls for a minute, for safety and battery conservation it will shut itself off. It'll vibrate and let you know. You can avoid that by pressing this button, or by drawing on the unit.

It will detect that and keep the unit on. It's heating up here, and one thing that I'll comment that I like about the Mighty in comparison with some of the other portable, is that a lot of these portable vaporizers depend on how slow, or how fast you draw. In a lot of cases the slower that you draw, the thicker the vapor you get.

With this one I've found that I could draw fast, or I could draw slow, and I would get very consistent results. You can see how accurate the temperature is. It actually starts up, it goes just above the set temperature, then dips down and goes back up, because it's constantly reading the temperature on here.

It's got a constant feedback loop where it's monitoring it. When you take a really fast draw, the airflow cools the unit, you'll actually see a bit of a reduction of the temperature that way too, which is kind of interesting.

I'm going to take a draw off of this unit here, so you can see the quality of the vapor that it produces. Excellent flavor, big clouds of vapor with this. There really is no other portable unit out there that can produce that kind of vapor in this size of a package.

Even more shockingly, the Crafty, which is even smaller than this, performs exactly the same way. Again, the main differences between the Crafty and Mighty just being the size and the battery life. With the Mighty you get about 90 minutes of full time use, and a two hour charge. It does have excellent battery life, so it lasts a long time. It is small enough it can still fit in your pocket.

Again, super, super high quality unit, very, very durable, and it offers, by far, the best performance out of any portable vaporizer I've seen. This is going to be featured in next week's blog post under our top five portables, and for a good reason.

I hope you guys enjoyed the review, the unboxing, the demonstration. We're going to go into a little more detail, and show how to use it with the water tool as well. Check it out guys, if you have any questions feel free to contact us. Let's go and show the demonstration with the water tool.

Hey guys, I am really excited to show you a little review demonstration here with our NamasteVapes 14 millimeter water tool. I've gone ahead and set the temperature up to 190 Celsius on the unit, and that is a little bit hotter than I would normally use.

One of the advantages of using a water tool is that you can get thicker vapor running up to higher temperatures, but not irritating your throat, because of the extra cooling that you get with the water tool. We developed this 14 millimeter adapter, which is compatible with the Crafty and the Mighty.

We make these in-house on our 3-D printer, so it's pretty cool that we were able to develop this, and so far we've gotten a great response from our customers, and I wanted to show you how to use it.

Essentially, your adapter will slide right over the mouthpiece of your Mighty, just like that. This is a 14 millimeter connection here, so we have our NamasteVapes water tool, as well, which I've got filled up. You don't really need to fill it very high with water, maybe even a third of the way up there.

What you can do then is invert your Mighty just a little bit, insert your water tool, then draw through the water tool, and you're going to get a nice thick vapor. I'm going to do a little demo for you right here.

The Mighty Vaporizer

Wow, whew, that is impressive. That is really an exciting thing about these units is the ability to use these water tools with them. It adds so much more capacity to these, being able to turn up the higher temperatures. It's a great combination.

Guy we really love the water tools and the 14 millimeter adapters we make here on our printer. Check it out. The unit just shut off on me, so I'll end the video there. Thanks for tuning in guys. Please subscribe to our page on YouTube, like us Facebook, check out our newsletters. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for watching, have a great day, peace and blessing to all you,


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