The Honey Dab Pen | A Sweet Vape for an Even Sweeter Price

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Honey Dab Pen - Everything You Need to Know

Grizzly has stolen our hearts here at Namaste by creating the Honey Dab Pen! For a vaporizer that is incredibly affordable you would expect it to be less quality when in comparison to its competitors, but the Honey Dab Pen caught us pleasantly by surprise! This vaporizer is compatible with concentrates, so, you can dab on the go! For a vaporizer that is such high quality that is just under £30, you simply can't go wrong!  


Build and Vapor Quality 

For a vaporizer that is so cheap, when it comes to quality, the Honey Dab Pen knocks its competitors out of the park! The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen is a 5-piece miracle worker and while some people might think this is an inconvenience, take it from us it makes it even better! Dabbing in itself can be a messy but enjoyable experience, the Honey Dab Pen recognizes this and is designed with precision including a cap to avoid spillages!

Despite its incredibly affordable price, it is made from high quality materials to give you the best dab for your dollar, so you simply can't go wrong with the Honey Dab Pen! Using the Honey Dab is also incredibly easy! Simply click the button 5 times to turn it on and click once more to control your temperature settings!  

The vapor quality, for the price you pay is very good and we recommend that anyone new to the vaping community should start with the Honey Dab Pen. The airflow within the vape itself is excellent and you are guaranteed potent and full flavors so if you maintain the Honey Dab Pen on a regular basis you'll have enjoyable sessions again and again!  

Appearance And Portability  

Grizzly have created the Honey Dab Pen with the needs of the customers in mind! Everyone wants a functional affordable and good-looking vape and he Honey Dab Pen ticks all these boxes! This solid device is not only functional, it is also a stunning piece of kit made from durable materials the Honey Dab Pen is a sleek and strong piece of kit so its prepared for any knocks and bumps it will get along the way!

As if that wasn't enough Grizzly have created the Honey Dab Pen with a rubberized finish so for all you butter fingers out there have no fear the Honey Dab Pen is the perfect vape for you! Not only does the rubberized finish improve your grip, it also helps with the dissipation of the heat, so the device doesn't get too hot when you're using it! The Honey Dab Pen is also the perfect piece of kit if you're looking for a device that is discreet.

Its compact size makes it the perfect companion for when you're on the go, fitting nicely in your hand and in your pocket so if you're looking to enjoy a session on the go without drawing attention to yourself, the Honey Dab Pen is the vaproizer for you! 

Ease of Use And Maintenace

Despite having two extra pieces compared to conventional vaporizers, the honey Dab Pen is incredibly easy to use and set up if you are an experienced member of the vaping community.

The one critique we have about the Honey Dab Pen is that while it is affordable and functional making it a good option for first timers, setting it up can be quite difficult so you will have to learn via video tutorials but once you have it set up the rest is plain sailing! After 5 clicks your Honey Dab Pen turns on and one more controls your heat preferences from low to high.

The Honey Dab Pen is incredibly easy to maintain also if you take care of it and clean it out after each session or at least once a week so you can enjoy every session as much as your first!  



The Honey Dab Pen is an affordable and functional piece of kit that is the perfect companion for when you're on the go. Durable and fitting nicely into your hand you couldn't get a much better vape within this price range. For just under £30 you get a good quality vaporizer, with ease of use and powerful flavors in mind it is the perfect vape for anyone who is new to the smoking community. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the Honey Dab's sweet results now!