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We are now the best online vape shop

Posted by Affiliate Namaste on

Ever wondered to yourself "mmm where to buy a vaporizer online" Well now according to trust pilot we are the answer. We are the most trusted online Vaporizer Store. We worked hard trying to become the best online vape shop . Making sure to put our customers first every step of the way. Which in this industry is not very easy. With vaporizers being quite new devices, things like durability etc will of course be an issue no matter where you go. However in order to be the best vape shop we can be. We made sure to only stock the best vapes and not stock anything we find to break to often. On top of this we made sure our customer service was there to help at all times. Thanks to this we have earned the top spot on trust pilot for the best online vape shop

 What is even better, we are not new guys on the bloc in the vape game. We have been here a while and have several of thousands of happy customers. So much that we actually have over 1,000 reviews on our trust pilot account. So you know that you are not just taking our word or even trust pilots word for it. You are taking over 1,000 peoples word for it that we are the best online vape shop. 

Best online vape shop where to buy a vaporizer according to trust pilot

A look back at the best vaporizers that we feel helped us become the best vape store.

This is easy for us to name the current ones as most of them can be found in out best vaporizers collection page. Great vapes like the Pax 2 and the Pax 3 which is coming out soon will keep that one going. Innovative vapes like the Firefly and the Davinci even now with its new IQ Vaporizer. All of these vapes helped us provide something a little unique to our customers in our bid to become the most trusted and best vaporizer store online.

We will always love our classics also like the volcano vaporizer and the newer Crafty. We could drone on all day about our most loved vapes on our site but the simple story is we love them all. We only stock our favorites so we love them all

Thank you Namaste Vapes Fans

We thank you all for your continuing support and love to see you coming back time and time again. Kory has loved interacting with you on our Namaste Vapes Youtube channel which has blown up over the past few months. We will continue building our UK vaporizer store and ensure that we are bringing you the best vapes with the best quality of service. Peace out guys and remember to Vape on! 

If you have any questions or any doubts never be afraid to ask. Likewise if you are new to vaporizers and want a help in hand, feel free to use our live chat we try and have manned 24/7. Someone will be glad to help you find exactly what you need.

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