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Is the Arizer Air 2 Still Arizer's finest Portable Vape?

Posted by NamasteVapes UK on

Arizer Air 2 - Everything You Need To Know

The improvement and evolution of vaporizers has really assisted how many of the cannabis enthusiasts smoke their herbs today. There are many vape manufacturers out there that try and attract loyal followers and attention with slick packaging and gimmicks. Yet the true weed lovers are only looking for quality and consistent efficiency with each session.

The Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer is one of the portable vape devices from Arizer, one of the vaporizer companies based in Canada. If you have been in search of excellence without the slickness and gimmicks, then this is definitely the type of vape for you.  


About The Arizer Air II 

When opening the box, you will find: 

- Owner’s manual 

- Battery 

- Air II Micro-heater 

- Charger, power adapter and USB 

- 1 Aroma Tube - Tipped (70mm) 

- Aroma Dish 

- 70mm Glass Aroma Tube 

- Silicone-Stem Caps 

- Belt-clip Carrying case 

- Stainless Steel Filter Screens 

- Aromatic Botanicals Sample 

- Stirring Tool (Stainless steel) 

- Discount Voucher 

This portable vaporizer is the same in size as its predecessor. The differences include longer-lasting performance, an interchangeable battery, a verified 50% higher capacity, and also heats up faster. It offers outstanding portability, while the settings are easy to customize.  

Arizer Air 2 Features  

The Air II comes in 2 appealing colors that include Carbon Black or Mystic Blue, below are some of the features: 


The isolated vapor-path which is constructed out of boro-silicate glass that offers superior vapor which is flavorful and pure.  


The 50% higher capacity on the battery offers a faster heating up time, while the USB charger offers a way to continue a session even while the device is charging for use that is limitless. 


These devices feature 2 tubes that you can preload with your favorite herbs. You will always know about the functions associated with the Air II. This includes the temperature that you smoke at, the battery life remaining, the heat level, and time-left until the device automatically shuts off. With this knowledge, every session is completely under your control.  


The Air II requires just about no maintenance along with the precision temperature-controlled settings which you can customize every time you use the device. It is easy to charge your vaporizer from your car, laptop, desktop or charging station so you never need to worry about the battery running flat while you are out and about.  


The Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer is reliable, durable and crafted from the highest-quality components. This device also features a 2-year warranty along with customer service which is rated as the best in this industry.   

Arizer Air II UK

Arizer Air 2 Benefits: 

- Durable 

- Portable 

- Produces a thick and good vapor 

- Control panel for ease-of-use  

- Customizable temperature increments  

- Consistent and quick heating  

- Ideal for beginners  

- Virtually maintenance free  


- The price 

- Gets hotter than you may expect or want 

- The taste of the weed is not regarded as consistent as the session continues 

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