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How to Clean a Pax 3

on Oct 15, 2018

Owning a Pax 3 is like owning the iPhone of vaporizers (sorry not sorry, Android users). The Pax family are a force to be reckoned with. They employ speedy heat-up times, exquisite tasting vapor, prolonged battery life, portability, pocket-friendliness – amongst so many more! And all these phenomenal features are stored in a compact, sleek and robust unit. But for the Pax 3 to run like a well-oiled machine, it requires maintenance; that’s right – time to get cleaning, pal.  Now not to worry, it's not like an episode of Kim and Aggie. You won’t need any yellow gloves or many cleaning tools; however, you will need some equipment. Fairy liquid and water won’t cut it. You can get yourself... Read More »

A Step-by step guide to cleaning your Mighty vaporizer

on Oct 04, 2018

We get it - cleaning your vape can be a really boring task, and one that many of us put off doing for as long as possible. How often you clean your vape is entirely up to you, but cleaning your vape as often as you can is the best way to maintain its lifespan and keep it in tip-top shape for years to come. If you've spent your hard-earned cash investing in a top-of-the-range device like the Mighty, learning how to clean it as best you can ensure that you get your money's worth for as long as possible. Maintain that Mighty Vaporizer How often you’ll have to clean your vape depends on how frequently you use it, but... Read More »

The forgotten Pax – Why the Pax 2 Vaporizer is a hidden gem

on Oct 03, 2018

Have you ever forgotten about that fantastic video game you always use to play? But then Fortnite made its way to the gaming world and now it's all the craze and all what your pals talk about. Well, it's kind of like that for the poor ol’ Pax 2 Vaporizer. Since its brother, the Pax 3 came out, the Pax 2 was just (kind of) forgotten about. Always happens to the middle child, trust me, I know. But, the Pax 2 is a formidable vaporizer. It is a fantastic go-to vaporizer. Forgot about the Pax 2? The Pax 2 was created by Pax Labs. It comes with a perfectly matte finish. The Pax 2 is considered one of the industry's... Read More »

How to Hide the Smell of Marijuana

on Sep 26, 2018

Staying Discreet More Countries across the world are opting for the legalisation of cannabis and the age old, highly googled question ‘how to get rid of the smell’ is becoming more relevant. Even if it’s legal in your country a lot of people may still opt for discreetness. Most users don’t sit around all day and smoke, and if you’re heading to work you do not want to smell to linger on your clothing. If your parents are coming over you don’t want your house to stink of weed because let’s be honest who wants to listen to that lecture. Also the majority of us don’t really want any type of odour in our houses, including marijuana. Regardless of your... Read More »

Weed games: What's your favorite game to play high?

on Sep 24, 2018

We all love playing games, from when we were young kicking the ball on the mucky grass to now, being full-fledged human people playing kick-about with your 7-year old niece or nephew on the mucky grass and beating them every time is fun! It is no wonder I was called a glory hunter back in my formative years! But anyways, we are here to talk about games, not my wrongdoings! Being high is great, but playing games and being high – well, that is just a wholesome way to spend some glorious hang-out time with your pals! We have looked high (damn, right that pun was intended) and low on the world-wide-web and asked all our stoner friends what their... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Your Vape Might Not Be Working and How to Fix It

on Sep 07, 2018

Vaporizers are a fantastic way to consume dry herb. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of the active ingredients without any of the harsh smoke or toxins. On top of that they are incredibly easy to use, making herb far more accessible than nearly any other method. Of course, at the end of the day vaporizers are still technology, and tech has a propensity to break in ways that are baffling to lay people. So, if it breaks down the average schmo might be left feeling baffled, scared, angry, and aroused.  To help you combat this we have decided to look into the top three most common issues with vaporizers and how you can fix them.  Your Vapor Tastes Burnt  Vaporizers deliver smooth, tasty hits that let... Read More »

How To Clean Your Bong | Glass Bongs UK

on Aug 22, 2018

Glass Bongs UK BUY A GLASS BONG NOW There's nothing worse than looking at your bong and knowing you can't get another go out of it without cleaning it. On top of it all glass bongs in particular are incredibly difficult to clean and the effort of it all would nearly make you want to dump your bong and buy a new one. We feel your pain here at Namaste which is why we've tried and tested a variety of ways to clean your bongs and we found this way to be the most cost and time effective!   Step 1: Get prepped  Don't waste your time running around the house looking for your cleaning materials as you go along, start by gathering up your materials so you have... Read More »


on Jul 05, 2018

7/10 | ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS 7/10? While 420 celebrates all kinds of cannabis products, 710 is a worldwide celebration specifically for the use of cannabis concentrates. The reasoning behind celebrating it on the 7th of July is simple; flip 710 upside down and you have the word oil! While it doesn't get the same publicity as 420 does, 710 is an up and coming celebration slowly making its way into the limelight, as more and more people are dabbing as an alternative to vaping and smoking. Here at Namaste Vapes we're excited to announce that we're celebrating 710 in style with several concentrate vaporizers and rosin press' and we'd like to invite you to the party!... Read More »

UK Cannabis Clubs

on Jun 11, 2018

UK Cannabis Clubs. A cannabis club is a form of a legalized cannabis market where marijuana is enjoyed in social gatherings. UK conceptualized this concept as a way to enable legal production and distribution of cannabis for adults. These clubs are non-commercial organizations that organize the legal cultivation of cannabis in limited amounts just for the club members. Each of the members get a value card with units reasonable to their credit.     This credit has a maximum limit which is kept either monthly or annually. The UK cannabis clubs members are by law prohibited from reselling any amount of cannabis they purchase from these clubs. Such clubs see a rather increasing membership from people all over the world... Read More »

Top 5 Dry Herb Vapes of 2017

on Oct 27, 2017

Our last top 5 list of 2016 was so well received, we just knew we had to give you a second one. These are the best dry herb vaporizers of 2017 (although, with some accessories, most of them do concentrates as well, just so you know), we’ve seen this year. Some of them are brand new models; some of them are old legends, but each one vapes to perfection. This isn’t just our opinions, these are the top selling vaporizers we’ve noticed this year coming off of the shelves, so if you’ve ever wondered why these vapes are so popular, we have a quick breakdown of each to show you why. The Pax 3 Having been released just under a... Read More »

A Short List Of The Best Vape Pens To Buy

on Oct 23, 2017

Pen Vaporizers are vapes that specialize in fitting into a busy person’s busy life. Their ease of use, portability and overall stealth greatly exceed that of other, more powerful, but also more expensive, models on the planet. A pen vape is exactly as it sounds. It’s a thin vaporizer that is usually about as long as a pen and maybe about as thick as a fat cigar. Because of their size, they can be easily carried around with you, even in your pocket, and since a lot of the focus is on stealth, no one will really notice them. That’s one of the reasons why people opt for pe vapes over larger models that aren’t as stealthy. Because if you... Read More »

3 Vapes That Show Sequels Can Be Better Than The Original

on Aug 02, 2017

There is an adage that says when a successful film gets a sequel it will generally be that little bit worse than the original. A band will struggle to follow up a great first album, the second season of a tv show won’t have the same impact as the first. It’s just the law of diminishing returns, over time things will degrade and become weaker and weaker, you can’t have the same impact over and over again, sooner or later things taper out. However in the vaporizer scene things are the exact opposite. It seems that each sequel iteration of a vaporizer leads to a net improvement. Each iteration of a vape is an improvement on the previous model. Why... Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About Concentrate Vapes

on Jul 21, 2017

Concentrate is quickly becoming the go to way to enjoy herb for those in the UK herb scene. Of course the most common method of consumption at the moment is a dabbing rig. Unfortunately for vaporizer fans dabbing rigs rely on a type of combustion to work, fortunately for vaporizer fans a range of vaporizers specially designed for concentrates are available. Concentrate vapes allow you to enjoy a dabbing experience without the need to lug a full dabbing rig around with you. This means that you can enjoy all manner of dabbing material when you’re out and about. Dabbing material comes in three distinct forms depending on how pure it is. Oil is the least pure of the three forms... Read More »

What's The Best Vape For Your Night In?

on Jul 14, 2017

It’s finally the weekend! You’re no doubt exhausted by the trials and tribulations of your week, and you’re looking forward to some well earned R&R. You have muted your phone, you’ve booted up your Netflix account and you’re just about ready to order yourself a take away. Now all you need is your finest herb to complete the evening. Big nights in can often be just as good as a bacchanalian night out, albeit in a very different way, regardless they fill a need! You need to make sure that you have the right vaporizer for you if you’re truly going to make the most of  it. There’s a whole range of portable, desk top, conduction, and convection vaporizers out... Read More »

The Hydrobrick Vs. The Puffco Pro 2: Which One Is For You?

on Jul 07, 2017

It can be challenging to look at all the specs of various vaporizers and figuring out which one is for you. A vaporizer can be a bit of an investment, and you want to make sure that you're choosing the best one for you! To help you out of this predicament and to ensure that you get the vape that’s right for you we’ve compiled a series of compare and contrast pieces where we pit our finest vaporizers against each other The Sticky Brick Hydrobrick Vaporizer The first thing you may notice about the Hydrobrick is its distinctive design; it’s body is composed mainly of wood and its airpath is made of glass. This gives the entire unit a distinctive... Read More »

If You Haven’t Dabbed By Now, You Should Be

on Jul 07, 2017

710 day is almost on us. Even in britain, it’s the unofficial day for concentrate, oils and dabbing, getting its name from the fact that if you turn the number 710 upside down it resembles the word oil.Now, to be fair, just weed in general has had 420 day for the longest time now, giving people an excuse to overload your newsfeed with “Blaze It” jokes you’ve heard a million times, but 710 is something different. A necessary celebration of a newer form of weed consumption that’s been taking the world by storm and changing people’s opinions for the better. The concentrate, or dab as the most popular form of them are called. Dabs are the latest thing in the... Read More »

Why Should You Try A Butane Vaporizer?

on Jul 03, 2017

Butane vaporizers are the less well known member of the vaporizer species. In operation, they work with a similar principal to conduction vaporizers, putting the herb into direct contact with the heating element, vaporizing it directly. However rather than using a coil or electric element a tiny amount of butane is ignited under the chamber which will heat up and start to vaporize the herb in its chamber, similar to how a gas oven works. The UK vaporizer scene is most familiar with electric vaporizers, be they battery powered portable vapes, or plug-in desktop vapes. They’re the defacto standard for vaporizers. Sometimes, however, people want something a bit different, and who are we to get in the way of that?... Read More »


on Jun 26, 2017

The boundless CFX vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer from the home of the boundless technologies. Released alongside the boundless cf in the UK, these two vapes made their way in to the hearts of every vapor in the vaping community and not just that they became a contender vape offering quality and efficiency at very affordable prices. The Boundless CFX portable vaporizer is a hybrid vape meaning that it utilizes both conduction and convection heating methods to vaporizing Dry Herb, oils and waxes while offering similar attribute as the storz and bickels Crafty. In this article we would be looking at how to use boundless CFX vaporizer and not just using it but getting the best out of it.... Read More »


on Jun 26, 2017

The G pro herbal vaporizer is an amazing portable dry herb vaporizer manufactured by Grenco Science, the same manufacturers of the revolutionary and breath taking G Pen and MicroG Pen vaporizers. Prior to the official release of the G pro vaporizer in the UK, The Grenco Science website portrayed this unit as “a technological marvel offering conduction and convection vaping of herbs”. Personally I could not wait though I had a feeling it might not live up to the hype. I was definitely wrong in my feelings because the G Pro Herbal vaporizer is indeed an amazing vaporizer with a very commendable level of performance while also been very affordable, retailing for less than a $100. Without a doubts, the... Read More »


on Jun 26, 2017

In the UK, when we talk about portable vaporizers which are not just great in overall performance and efficiency, but also in style and fashion, then the Firefly 2 comes to mind, but in recent times owners of this device and also other vapers are beginning to air their views on the non-user friendly nature of the Firefly 2 in comparison to other portables like the mighty, crafty , pax 3 etc. in recent times vapers particularly the active ones believes all vapes are same and as such they operate them based on previously used devices which will results to an inability to get the best out of the Firefly 2. But once you get hold of the techniques, the... Read More »

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