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Vape Review: PUFFiT – The Ultimate in Discreet Vaping

Posted on Oct 24, 2014

When it comes to portables, fashion seems to be everything. Whether you prefer sleek stylish units like the PAX, or want a more home-grown feel from a vape like the Launch Box, style matters when we want to get noticed. Sometimes, however, being noticed isn't what we want. For these cases, we'd recommend a discreetly-designed portable vaporizer such as the PUFFiT classic, or PUFFiT X. What Is It? The PUFFiT is a forced-air type vaporizer, designed to look like a medical inhaler in the interest of discretion. It uses complex microprocessors, heat shields, and monitors to make sure the unit is safe at all times, runs smoothly at any of 8 temperature settings, and keeps your dry blends hot enough... Read more »

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