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Vape Review: PinnaclePro DLX – The Definitive Portable Vape

on Sep 10, 2014

Continuing our weekly look at NamasteVapes’ wide array of vaporizers, this week we’re turning out attention back to our line of portables for a look at one of our best sellers, the PinnaclePro – and the PinnaclePro DLX. What Is It? The PinnaclePro is an updated vaporizer made by the same company which brought us the original Pinnacle. Drawing on information and feedback provided by Pinnacle users, the Pro version is this year’s hottest selling portable vape. It’s available on its own as the PinnaclePro, or as a package with the custom designed hydratube, marketed as the PinnaclePro DLX variant. Where the Pinnacle Pro excels The PinnaclePro is close to what most vape enthusiasts expect from a mid-range portable. It’s compact,... Read More »

Q & A for the Pinnacle Pro

on Jun 26, 2014

NamasteVapes answers a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Pinnacle Pro portable vaporizer.    Can I use essential oils and waxes with the Pinnacle Pro? Yes! Thanks to the full metal jacket oil canister included, the Pinnacle Pro can do liquid aromatherapy as well as dried blends. We recommend heat setting 4 or 5 when vaporizing essential oils and concentrates.    How long does the battery last for the Pinnacle Pro? It depends on what heat setting, but usually on an average heat (heat setting 3 or 4) setting the battery can go for 50-60 minutes of continuous use.    What version of the Pinnacle Pro do you carry? NamasteVapes carries the latest Pinnacle Pro model from... Read More »

NamasteVapes now offering widest selection

on Apr 15, 2014

Check out our NEW SELECTION OF PREMIUM VAPORIZERS including the famous Pinnacle, Pinnacle DLX, Vapir NO2 and Volcano! Free local shipping on all orders of £85 and up! Read More »

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