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Vaporizer UK News

NamasteVapes Black Friday Sale - What's on Offer?

on Nov 22, 2018

Black Friday with NamasteVapes UK! Have you been pining over a Mighty for months? Have you been dreaming about upgrading to the Pax 3? Well dream no more, my friend - Black Friday is right around the corner and we have amazing deals across the site on all of our biggest brands. Whether you’re tracking down the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest, or even just treating yourself to a shiny new vape - once the site goes live this November 23rd, we’ll have so many amazing offers you’ll have no excuse not to pick up something. Here’s some of the great offers we’ll have this Black Friday. Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer was £299 NOW £229.00**  Volcano... Read More »

Linx Vaporizers Complete Review

on Nov 15, 2018

The most common type of vaporizer is the classic dry herb vape. We’re all familiar with them, they use electronic heating systems to gradually evaporate the active ingredients found inside the plant matter. Of course, while there is a huge market for dry herb, there is also a rapidly growing demand for concentrates. Concentrates are a processed form of herb. It is made by using solvents and a vacuum oven to extract the active ingredients and condense them into one of three forms: Oil, a runny, honey-like substance; Wax, a crumbly and sticky substance; and shatter, a brittle, candy-like material. Concentrates are much more potent than herb, and a single drop can have the same amount of active ingredients as... Read More »

The Honey Dab Pen | A Sweet Vape for an Even Sweeter Price

on Aug 31, 2018

Honey Dab Pen - Everything You Need to Know Grizzly has stolen our hearts here at Namaste by creating the Honey Dab Pen! For a vaporizer that is incredibly affordable you would expect it to be less quality when in comparison to its competitors, but the Honey Dab Pen caught us pleasantly by surprise! This vaporizer is compatible with concentrates, so, you can dab on the go! For a vaporizer that is such high quality that is just under £30, you simply can't go wrong!   Build and Vapor Quality  For a vaporizer that is so cheap, when it comes to quality, the Honey Dab Pen knocks its competitors out of the park! The Honey Dab Pen is a 5-piece miracle worker and while some people might... Read More »

Everything you need to know about the new Linx Ember Kit

on Aug 17, 2018

Your Linx Ember kit Guide and Review Linx just launched their newest portable oil pen, the Linx Ember. Made of medical-grade stainless steel, the Linx Ember is durable and built to last.   WHATS IN THE BOX   Included in your kit is: 1 Linx Ember refillable atomizer 1 Linx Ember rechargeable battery 1 mouthpiece 1 USB charger All snuggled neatly into a carry box. The Linx Ember Battery is easily rechargeable and reaches full capacity in about 1-2 hours charging, so with the USB charger it's great for using and charging on the go. Once assembled, you get a sturdy little dab pen vaporizer that's slick and discreet – and for just £30 pounds, it's pocket friendly in size and expense. BUILD AND VAPOR QUALITY   Thanks to the revolutionary top air flow design, the Linx Ember... Read More »

Top 5 Concentrate Vapes of 2018

on Jun 06, 2018

The Future is Concentrates: Top 5 Concentrate Vapes of 2018 The top 5 concentrate vapes of 2018 is a controversial thing to talk about: there are so many choices and so many fantastic concentrate vapes competing for the top spot it can be almost impossible to make a fair choice. But not to worry, this review has looked for the top 5 concentrate vapes of 2018 and we’ve searched through nearly every other concentrate vape on the market, just to be sure we have got it right. First, What Makes a Good Concentrate Vape? The world of vaping has changed a lot in the last 5 years, with new features, better batteries and an incredible increase in the quality of... Read More »

Dab Pens 101 – What is a Dab Pen and What You Need to Know about Them

on May 17, 2018

Dabbers unite! There has never been a better time for the refined and exquisite method of enjoying vaporized extracts than now. There is a bewildering range of devices on offer and an even more bewildering range of ways to use them. But do not worry, help is at hand to guide you through the dizzying array and help you on your way to discreet dabbing nirvana. But first, what is a Dab Pen? A dab pen can be known by many different names – atomizers, wax pens, a dab vape pen, concentrate vaporizers, you name it – but they all have one function. To turn a waxy extract of your favourite herb into delicious vapour as discreetly as possible. Most... Read More »

Best Vape Pens under £70

on Mar 12, 2018

As the vaping community worldwide grows, and diversity and selection expands, it is important to have the most up to date and in depth reviews and opinions to ensure you aren't left behind when selecting your vaporizer of choice. In the past when we thought of vaporizers, we thought expensive, we thought desktop, bulky and very hard to camouflage. This left a market wide open for pocket vaporizers or vape pens as they are more commonly known to flourish. In this blog you will be given the insight into what are considered the best pen vapes on the market under £70. With pen vapes to suit both the novice and seasoned toker, we are sure to have something to take... Read More »

Best of 2018: Concentrate Vaporizers

on Jan 09, 2018

Concentrates are starting to rule the world, with many more people making the switch. Dry Herbs will always have a place in the herbal community, but Concentrates are becoming more and more popular for their ability to get you higher with less and saving yourself money in the long run. Many longtime herb users switch to concentrates and they say it’s like the first time. With this rise in popularity, as well as the fact that vaping concentrates is just so much healthier and cheaper in the long run, it’s genuinely no surprise that people are doing more and more dabs. And, of course, the vaporizer manufacturers had to get in on the craze. As a result, we’ve seen a... Read More »

Shatterizer Vape Founders Review | Why it brings "new" to concentrates

on Dec 05, 2017

The Shatterizer’s incredibly durable top piece allows vapers to draw excitement in seeing what’s coming. The fullest flavours of your product will be exposed within the larger circular globe space and the vapor retains it's density and enriched taste. Read More »

A Short List Of The Best Vape Pens To Buy

on Oct 23, 2017

Pen Vaporizers are vapes that specialize in fitting into a busy person’s busy life. Their ease of use, portability and overall stealth greatly exceed that of other, more powerful, but also more expensive, models on the planet. A pen vape is exactly as it sounds. It’s a thin vaporizer that is usually about as long as a pen and maybe about as thick as a fat cigar. Because of their size, they can be easily carried around with you, even in your pocket, and since a lot of the focus is on stealth, no one will really notice them. That’s one of the reasons why people opt for pen vapes over larger models that aren’t as stealthy. Because if you... Read More »

KandyPens Review - The Finest Pen Vapes

on Sep 12, 2017

Founded All the way back in 2014, KandyPens began dominating the market straight out of the gate by bringing out the markets first 3 in 1 vaporizer, the SkyCloud. Since then, they’ve shown that they’re one of the market’s finest creators of Pen Vaporizers, coming out with 17 different models including the Galaxy, the Gravity and the Slim Kit. KandyPens are dedicated to creating the next stages of pen vape innovation and, to that end, have already poured thousands of hours into the development of their products. It’s amazing to think that KandyPens almost didn’t happen, but as they opened up their first Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of creating their SkyCloud vaporizer, they created international attention for themselves. When... Read More »

KandyPens Vapes Are Pretty Sweet

on Jul 31, 2017

There’s no question about it, portable vapes are now a mainstay of the UK dry herb scene, but there’s much much more to the vape scene than that. Vape pens, e-nails, and desktop vapes are all great and rewarding ways to have a great vape experience too. So why are portable vapes king of the hill? There are hundreds of different ways to enjoy a vape experience, so why not roll the dice and look for a new way? Vape pens are the often forgotten little brothers of portable vapes. They are often overshadowed by the bigger, flashier units from the big vape companies. However there is a cadre of people out there that want to enjoy concentrates and waxes... Read More »

3 Vape Pens You Need To Know About

on Jul 28, 2017

Portable vaporizers seem to be the main focus of the vape market but why? Vape pens, desktop vapes, and e-nails are all fantastic and efficient ways to enjoy herb too, so why the prevalence of portable vapes? Well we feel that it’s high time that changed. There is a whole world of alternate ways to enjoy herb so why not spend some time getting to know them? Admittedly vape pens aren't as popular as portable vaporizers. However for those in the UK herb scene who are interested in waxes and concentrates, those who are working on a budget, and those who value discreteness then they might be the best possible choice. The range of vape pens we stock are an... Read More »

Vape Pens Vs. Vape Mods? There wasn't a war, but there is a winner!

on May 24, 2017

As more and more people join the UK vaporizer scene they may find themselves facing a dilemma: Vape pens or vape mods, which is the right model for you? Oils, Herbs, or Concentrates? A key difference between mods and pens is the material they vaporise. Generally pens use oils, e-juice, and concentrates. There are exceptions on the UK market like the snoop dogg vape pen which can take dry herb, but for the most part you’ll find that pens go with oils. Portable vaporizer like the PAX 3 are generally intended for use with dry herbs, but a large selection of models, such as the Grizzly Guru, can use oil and other concentrates. So if you only want to vape oils,... Read More »

The 5 Best Vape Pens For Wax!

on Apr 03, 2017

If you're looking to get the Best Vape Pen for Wax you've come to the right place because the Vaporizer Guru is here to guide you to the promised land. Now that the Guru is here I promise that I will show you the path though the minefield of vape pens to where true vaping glory awaits. Like a trusted companion the Vaporizer Guru will Sheppard you to the promised land, coaching, cajoling,  and imploring to make the right decision when it comes to getting your hands on a top quality Vape Pen.  At the end of the day, nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone get the buzz that they so richly deserve.  For me, receiving top quality herbal elevation... Read More »


on Mar 16, 2017

    What Are Vape Pens Vape pens, also known as vaporizer pens, are some of the smallest vapes you can get in the world. As the name would suggest they are roughly the same size as a pen and are powered with a tiny battery. This battery is screwed inside an atomizer connected to a heating system. Why Choose a Vape Pen Affordable and Portable If there is one area where vape pens stand out it's portability and ease of use. I mean, that's fairly obvious from the size. It's no problem to pop a vape pen into your pocket before heading out. No hassle at all. No matter where you are you'll be able to utilize the very best of vaping... Read More »


on Mar 13, 2017

Hi guys, its Vaporizer Guru here again the self proclaimed King and Lord of all vapes.  Today we're going to be discussing the G Pen Elite and the Pax 3- two of the most prestigious vapes every to hit the marketplace.  These two portable vaporizers are leading the charge of a revolution in vaporizing technology.  The clash of the Pax 3 versus the G Pen Elite truly is a case where an irresistible  force meets an immovable object.  Two vaporizers of astonishing capabilities that are sure to provide users with many precious vaping moments.   When it comes to the Pax 3, vaping enthusiasts throughout the globe waited with bated breath for the release of this brand new device - and when the  Pax 3... Read More »


on Feb 07, 2017

Loading your Vape Pen is one of the great skills that you need to master in life. Its a skill that will stand you in good stead for the future whether at home or abroad. With the advent of vaping technology we're seeing an explosion of people using vape pens and this trend is set to continue into the future. And with any new trend it becomes vitally important to know what you're at. Because there's nothing worse than inviting your friends around to your house and offering them a few vapes, but you end up looking like a fool because you don’t know how to properly load your vape. You'll want to avoid fumbling around with your vape pen... Read More »

Best way to smoke oils | Vaping or Dabbing

on Jan 16, 2017

Everybody likes to try new things in life and smoking or dabbing concentrates and oils is one of them new things.  If done correctly you could have a marvellous time, but if don't do it the right way smoking oils can literally set the catch amongst the pigeons. Most people who decide that they want to try concentrates are simply looking for a more powerful experience compared to what they would traditionally be accustomed with. The big problem is, for first timers, you may overdo it and have a nasty experience that you wont forget any time soon. But if you are educated about the techniques to use you may avoid some of the pitfalls DABBING One of the most effective ways to consume your... Read More »

The Puffco Plus Oil Pen

on Jan 06, 2017

Puffco Plus Vape Pen   The Puffco Plus Oil Pen, is one of them machines that will blow you away with the overall service that the pen will provide. Advances in vaping technology seem to have reached the zenith of excellence with this pen. The Puffco plus, incorporates into the pen all of the latest technological  advances to produce a machine of stunning quality. The vapours that you’ll have the pleasure of receiving will be flavourful, delicious, and most of all consistent so that they suit your own personal vaping needs.   Many vape pens have received a bad press due to the overall functionality and productivity of the devices, but make no mistake about it, there are some truly outstanding vape pens... Read More »