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Video Review: NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer

on May 14, 2015

When it comes to portable vaporizers, the most common power source is by far battery. Most of our top selling portable units, including the Crafty, Mighty and CloudV Terra are all powered by convenient rechargeable batteries. Another option for portable vaporizer power is butane, as seen with the IOLITE and WISPR2 vaporizers. While these are great options and these are all very reliable vaporizers, they still require a degree of preparation and external supplies to use (chargers, cables, a power source, butane canisters, etc) Some vaporizer manufacturers have opted for an even more convenient, low maintenance power source - a flame! While lighters are often associated with traditional burning of incense / aromatherapy, put up to the right device, they... Read More »

Video Review: Vapman Classic Vaporizer

on Mar 23, 2015

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available. When it comes to vaping on the go, you have a few options as far as your power source goes. The most common power source for portable vaporizers by far is battery. However battery powered vaporizers still require an initial power source to charge and recharge batteries. Some companies, like Vapman and NimbinVap have made vaporizers that can produce great vapor by using a lighter. Usually these vaporizers are designed in such a way to moderate the heat of the flame to prevent combustion while heating enough to create vapor. One of the most popular flame powered portable vaporizers is the Vapman Classic. Designed in Switzerland by Vapman, the company has perfected the... Read More »

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