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How can CBD help you give up cigarettes?

on Sep 05, 2018

Waking up on a brisk autumn morning, there’s a strong sting of cold in the air, frost on the cars and grass, you can see your breath as you exhale and all you can think about is how, if you lit a cigarette up that mist from your breath could be replaced from some sweet, sweet tobacco smoke. You know how bad it is for you, but you can’t help satisfying that nagging craving from just one pull of a cigarette, you light up, inhale, exhale and you’re back. You finish that box, promise your significant other you’ll be off them come Monday and begin anew. You’ve tried all the methods, chewing gum, snapping an elastic band on your wrist every time you think of a cigarette, the... Read More »

7 of the Best Detox Foods for Stoners

on Aug 08, 2018

Time to detox your body? So, the time has come. You’re looking to detox your body, maybe you have a drug test coming up or you’re going to go on a T-break (a T-break is a tolerance break). I don’t know, I’m not here to judge! Unless I was Simon Cowell on the X Factor then I would be there to judge but to your dismay, I’m not. Instead, I am here to help you find the best detox foods to help you flush those nasty toxins out of your body before beginning anew. Whatever your reason may be, there are a few ways to approach a natural detox. Apples An apple a day keeps the THC away, isn’t that... Read More »

Can CBD Oil Benefit you in Sport?

on Jul 27, 2018

CAN CBD OIL BENEFIT YOU IN SPORT?  CBD Oil has taken the world by storm, coming with a variety of health benefits such as reducing symptoms of anxiety, promoting bone growth and heart health and can be a potential medicine for nausea and epilepsy. With its increasing popularity CBD has been infused in a variety of products such as creams, oil drops, capsules and is even being infused into food and drinks.   While many have come forward in the press and on social media sharing their stories and experiences with CBD, one question is still being frequently asked; can CBD benefit you in sport? CBD has made headlines in sporting news recently with WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency approving the use of CBD... Read More »

Top 5 Healthiest Vapes

on Jan 30, 2018

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last number of years, thanks in part to the rise in e-cigarettes. But the healthiest levels of vaporization reduces exposure to harmful carcinogenic compounds that are released when dry herb is combusted. This occurs at around 200 degrees fahrenheit and has been one of the factors linked to the development of respiratory problems. Healthy vaping is essential for having a quality experience. So we’ve listed five quality vaporizers to help you have the healthiest vapes possible. For this reason, setting the correct temperature is key for releasing different active agents in dry herb. Different temperatures produce different effects and thus different vaping experiences. At 315 degrees fahrenheit, THC is released causing you to relax and... Read More »

5 Reasons Vaporizers Are Healthier Than Traditional Smoking

on May 29, 2017

There are those in the UK herb scene who remain somewhat skeptical of the advantages of vaporizers as a way to enjoy your favorite herb blends. Vaporizers are healthier, but the main point of contention seems to be the fact that vaping doesn’t look as ‘cool’ as joints, are you really willing to give up all those advantages over a perceived image issue? If that’s really an issue for you then I’m sorry, we can’t help you. For the rest of you, however read on for five great reasons why a vaporizer has the edge over traditional smoking. 1. No acrid smoke The first obvious advantage is in the name: 'Vaporizer', it vapes. They use heating elements, either conduction or convection... Read More »

Vaporizer Mouthpiece: Plastic V Glass, What Should You Pick? 

on May 11, 2017

One of the most important parts of a vaporizer is the mouthpiece, it going to see the most use and without it you simply can’t vape. The mouthpiece, above all other components is where you want quality; you’re going to be sticking it in your mouth after all! Mouthpieces come in all manner of sizes and lengths to suit any need, but the two main categories: Glass and plastic. Choosing the right mouthpiece for you is important, and can make the difference between a good vape experience, and a great vape experience! So here is the definitive advantages and disadvantages of every conceivable type of vaporizer mouthpiece! Glass or Plastic? The two most common materials that vaporizer  mouthpieces are constructed... Read More »

The Best Vaporizer Health Benefits - How To Get Them 

on May 10, 2017

Hundreds of people all across the UK herb scene are switching to vaporisers, and with good reason! The vaporizer health benefits! They’re more efficient with your herb, healthier, and much more subtle than bongs and smoking it dry. Another feature is the exact control you have over the temperature you vaporise your herb at, many units have precise digital interfaces or phone apps that let you control your temperature to the very degree. Many newbies to the UK vaporizer scene may wonder why you need to control the temperature so exactly, vapor’s vapour right? Wrong! Your vaporizer gives you all these options for a reason and understanding why your vaporizer’s temperature matters could have massive benefits for your health! No... Read More »

Dabbing Vs Vaping: What Suits You Best And Why?

on May 04, 2017

Dabbing and vaping are becoming increasingly popular ways to consume cannabis products and a whole range of products have sprung up to help people enjoy these methods. However, which suits you best? It’s important to know before you make a choice the features of each so you can make an informed decision. So without adieu here it is; Dabbing Vs Vaping, everything you need to know.   Dabbing In the discussion of dabbing vs vaping, the first thing we need to do is find out just what dabbing and vaping are. Dabs are a concentrated form of cannabis that are made by extracting the active ingredients of the plant using a solvent like butane. The resultant product comes in three... Read More »


on Mar 15, 2017

  I've always been a big fan of  joints, blunts, and bongs, but over this last number of years smoking vaporized herb has become my preferred option.  One of the reasons why smoking vaporized herb has become my favoured method is because of the quality of the vape that I receive. And not only will the vape be pure quality, but I also wont have to contend with issues of smelly smoke, dirty ashes dropping all over the place, and having to spend lots of extra cash on plants. There really is nothing worse than taking a big dirty joint with ashes scattering all over the floor, but fortunately these issues are avoided when you use vaporizers. And when you factor in that vaporizing is far cheaper and... Read More »


on Mar 01, 2017

    Vaporizers seem to be on the verge of taking over the herbal world.  These devices are leading the charge of a revolution in terms of how we take our plant materials. No longer will users have to contend with masses of smoke and dirty ashes falling all over the place. Nowadays, with vaporizers, you can enjoy your plants using elite level vaping technology. What these new devices guarantee is a vape of outstanding quality and at outstanding value.It seems the writing is on the wall for bongs, joints, and blunts.  The traditional methods of taking your herbs are about to become a part of ancient history.Of course, you're always going to come across the odd diehard who'll refuse to change their... Read More »


on Feb 15, 2017

Vaporizers are the must have health accessory of the century.  Herbal enthusiasts are beginning to switch in their droves from using traditional methods such as: joints, blunts, and bongs, to using vaporizers because they are a far smarter and healthier way to enjoy your herbs.  Not only are recreational users of the herb switching to vapes, but people who suffer from serious health conditions are being advised by medical health professionals to start utilizing vaporizers. People have been left astounded by the overall improvements to their health once they started using this cutting edge technology. But the benefits don't stop with health, there are many many other reasons to get your hands on one of these devices.  For the younger generation owning a good quality vaporizer is almost... Read More »


on Feb 02, 2017

For many herbal diehards combustion is rapidly becoming part of ancient history.  Traditional methods of smoking your plants are becoming so old and outdated that they are becoming like something from a bygone era, stone age relics from a distant past . The reason for this change is clear to be seen with vaporizers rapidly becoming the must have herbal device of the century. One suspects that in years to come the thoughts of someone rolling up a joint will be met with derision and laughter as the younger generations laugh at the primitive, prehistoric past of their parents. But with vaporizers coming more and more prevalent in society its not just good enough to own a vaporizer, you'll have to... Read More »

How To Improve Your Vapor Quality

on Nov 09, 2016

Whether it's better flavor, bigger clouds, or just a better experience overall, if you haven't already asked the question: "How can I make this already awesome thing, even more awesome?"   Then it's time to start asking!  If you have already purchased a high quality vaporizer, then you're already getting a great experience, but it is always possible to make it even better!  Here's a few tips and trick to help you out in your vapor enhancing journey!   1)  Get A Good Vaporizer. Use our Vape Guide This one seems obvious, but it has to be mentioned.  You will NEVER get the same vape experience from a Palm 1.0 as you will from a Mighty.  It just won't happen.... Read More »

Health Benefits of Vaporizers | NamasteVapes UK

on Aug 03, 2016

Vaporizers UK - Are there any health benefits? In this day and age, the majority of us are now more than ever aware of the potential health risks that comes with smoking and the long term affects it poses to our health. With more and more people each day striving to improve their quality of life and health, the popularity of vaporizers of all types, from pens to desktops to portables, has exploded in recent years. This increase in the popularity of vaping is largely down to the health benefits associated with it in comparison to traditional smoking. Early research indicates that a number of promising health benefits are available for people using vaporizers over smoking herbs or tobacco.   Vaping has entered... Read More »

Celebrating 7/10 and the essentials of essential oil extracts a.k.a. DABS!

on Jul 08, 2016

7/10 - Concentrates and Oils Day - NamasteVapes

So you may ask what is 710 and why is it relevant? Well, much like the well-known 4/20 celebrations we celebrate around the world on April 20th (or celebrate daily at 4:20 PM!!), 7/10 or 710 is a more concentrated version of the same thing. Allow me to explain. There is a new frontier in this blossoming industry and it goes by the name DABS! Dabbing refers to vaping highly potent essential oils that are extracted from your lovely plant materials. We talk a lot about oil, different types of oil, how they are made (solvent-less, Rosin, BHO etc.) and how you can vape them. This is an entire new industry that is blowing up from under us and we're just trying to keep up! 710 when flipped vertical and reversed spells OIL and that is what we're all here to celebrate! Beautiful, clean solvent-less oil! There are lots of different types of oil out there in different forms so lets dig a little and share some information about the importance of this holiday. Here are the most common forms of extracts and oils available on the market today. 

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Health Benefits of Vaporizers

on Jan 15, 2014

Welcome to NamasteVapes UK! We recommend the use of vaporizers for the following reasons - please keep in mind this hardly covers all the benefits but its a start for those new to it.  Aromatherapy delivered by vaporizers are virtually harmless to your lungs. (for those of you who are worried about toxins that are released through traditional methods). Vaporizing is a much more efficient way to use aromatherapy - you can use less than one third of the blend you'd normally use with traditional methods.  Vaporizers can be used with company. Because no harmful by-product is released into the air, vaporizers can be used in a variety of social settings. If you happen to live in an apartment or flat... Read More »

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